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The first trailer for The Good Dinosaur released!

The Good Dinosaur, Trailer

Posted by Simoa • July 21, 2015

Pixar’s new trailer for The Good Dinosaur is not to be missed. Just over two minutes long, the trailer is effective for a variety of reasons: it shows just enough without revealing key plot elements, the friendship between Arlo the apatosaurus and Spot the human boy is well established, and the animation/art is stunning.

trailer1Certain images within the trailer look as if they came from live action footage. One beautiful example are the leaves which appear to the right. It’s becoming more abundantly clear that this film will indeed be a visual masterwork, blending more realistic landscapes with the cartoony look of Arlo and the other dinosaurs. That’s one similarity Good Dinosaur shares with Inside Out.

This movie has went through many transformations and an evolution of its own to become the film it is now. What the trailer promises is an adventure fraught with peril, with its fair share of tears along the way. Since Arlo is the only one who speaks, it’ll be interesting to see how he and Spot are able to communicate in this vast terrain.

The Good Dinosaur opens nationwide on Thanksgiving. Let us know what you think of the trailer!




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Two gorgeous new stills unveiled for “Sanjay’s Super Team”!

Sanjay Patel, Sanjay's Super Team

Posted by Simoa • July 6, 2015

Even as Inside Out dazzles in its theater run, buzz has been steadily building for Pixar’s second 2015 feature, The Good Dinosaur. The short that’s paired with the latter film is similarly intriguing. “Sanjay’s Super Team” represents a bold departure for Pixar both visually and thematically. Inspired by director Sanjay Patel’s childhood, the short explores his relationship to the Hindu religion his father devoutly practiced, but which he felt less than enthusiastic about. USA Today has shared two new images from the short along with further details on the plot and story.



It’s definitely a striking and lush visual style previously unseen in Pixar films. Producer Nicole Paradis Grindle describes it as originating from a “very different cultural place than all the other stories we’ve told before. And for kids who come from these backgrounds to see themselves on screen, it’s exciting for us.”

“Sanjay’s Super Team” will rely on no dialogue, but Mychael Danna, the Oscar winning composer for Life of Pi, supplies the music.

We can’t wait to see and hear the finished product! “Sanjay’s Super Team” will open alongside The Good Dinosaur on November 25th.


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Box Office Watch: Inside Out breaks record and takes in more than 200 million worldwide!

Box Office, Inside Out

Posted by Simoa • June 28, 2015

It appears Jurassic World won the box office battle against Inside Out. If it was a battle at all. Our post last week babiessummarized this “battle”, but only because people were genuinely concerned that Inside Out would be the first Pixar film to not open at number one. Jurassic World did end up surpassing Inside Out last weekend, but the latter still broke records and scored impressive earnings.

After its initial $34 million, Pete Docter’s major emotion picture became the highest grossing original film (not a franchise film or sequel, Pixar or otherwise) of all time, with more than $90 million. The record was previously held by James Cameron’s Avatar (2009), which opened with $77 million. In Pixar’s books, 2004’s The Incredibles grossed $70.5 million on opening weekend.

As of right now, Inside Out‘s domestic run totals a whopping $184,945,000, with $266,445,000 worldwide. Scott Mendelson of Forbes reports that Inside Out is well on its way to $300 million domestically.

Continue jumping for Joy!

(Numbers via Box Office Mojo)


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