New ‘Brave’ Featurette Focuses on Kilts!


Posted by Brkyo614 • May 8, 2012

Are you brave enough to wear a kilt? A new Brave featurette proposes that question, examining the fashion garment that helps define Scottish culture.

I’m still not totally sold on the humor of the film yet; however, the marketing campaign is very reminiscent of Disney’s Tangled, which featured a similar spoof parodying fashion ads. I have high hopes that Brave will impress beyond what the marketing implies as Tangled did. Besides the comedy, there are a few interesting new shots from the movie in the featurette, which can be viewed below or on iTunes Movie Trailers:

Be sure to have your kilt ready when Brave arrives in theatres on June 22, 2012.

Your thoughts?

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Two Exciting New ‘Brave’ Images!


Posted by Brkyo614 • May 2, 2012

Two new stills from Brave have made their way online today, both detailing scenes that we haven’t seen before.

The two stills feature our first look at Merida wielding a sword. The first shot seems to hint at the dramatic turns the story will take following the first act, while the second emphasizes the relationship between Merida and her parents. Be sure to check out both in high resolution; the level of detail is astounding.

Brave hits US theatres on June 22, 2012.

Your thoughts?


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First Details on ‘Brave’ Soundtrack! [UPDATE]


Posted by Brkyo614 • May 1, 2012

One of the reasons that Pixar films are so memorable is their excellent musical scores. recently posted a listing for the soundtrack for Brave, which is now available for pre-order. Along with the cover art, the page reveals a few previously unknown details about the movie’s music.

Like Cars 2, Brave will be available on a physical CD; Toy Story 3 and Up were digital-only releases. The product description confirms a rumor that Scottish Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis will be contributing songs to the soundtrack. In addition, British folk rock band Mumford & Sons will be performing a song for the film. Of course, the album will also include Patrick Doyle’s score (his first for Pixar).

The Brave soundtrack is set to release on June 19, 2012. The film will follow on June 22 in North America.

Update: Amazon has updated the page with a track listing. Be warned that the titles may contain spoilers.

01. "Touch the Sky" (Performed by Julie Fowlis)
02. "Into the Open Air" (Performed by Julie Fowlis)
03. "Learn Me Right" (Performed by Birdy – with Mumford & Sons)
04. "Fate and Destiny" (score)
05. "The Games" (score)
06. "I Am Merida" (score)
07. "Remember to Smile" (score)
08. "Merida Rides Away" (score)
09. "The Witch’s Cottage" (score)
10. "Song of Mor’du" (Performed by Billy Connolly and Cast)
11. "Through the Castle" (score)
12. "Legends Are Lessons" (score)
13. "Show Us the Way" (score)
14. "Mum Goes Wild" (score)
15. "In Her Heart" (score)
16. "Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal)" (Performed by Emma Thompson and Peigi Barker)
17. "Not Now!" (score)
18. "Get the Key" (score)
19. "We’ve Both Changed" (score)
20. "Merida’s Home" (score)

Are you excited for Patrick Doyle’s first collaboration with Pixar?

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Woody’s News Round-Up! (04/29/12)

Brave, Pixar In Concert, Round-Ups

Posted by Brkyo614 • April 29, 2012

Welcome to the first news round-up of the year! We have an array of Brave and Pixar stories from the past week to share.

New Russian Brave Poster: MoviePosterDB has put up a great new Brave poster from Russia. It’s easily the most dynamic and exciting poster for the film yet. The movie opens in Russia on June 21, 2012 and a day later in North America.

Bob Peterson Joins Twitter: Bob Peterson, director of the May 2014 film The Good Dinosaur, has opened a new Twitter account. Toy Story 3
director Lee Unkrich brought us along for the ride as he worked on his movie through Twitter, and Peterson is sure to do the same.

First Look at Merida for Disney Parks: Our first peek at Disney’s meet-and-greet Merida from Brave can be seen to the right. Pixar’s first face character is set to officially debut in Disney Parks during the month of May. For now, check out more pictures over at Stitch Kingdom.

Your thoughts?

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‘Brave’ Takes on the NFL Draft in New TV Spot!


Posted by Brkyo614 • April 26, 2012

To coincide with the NFL Draft that begins this weekend, Disney has put out a new 60 second spot for Brave.

The commercial makes some clever use of old and new Brave shots, but at the same time shows off some of the less sophisticated physical humor of the film. Like many Pixar gags, though, they may work better in the context of the movie than they do in promotional material. See for yourself here:

Brave is set to open on June 22, 2012.

Your thoughts?

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Disney Releases New ‘Brave’ Clip and Stills!

Posted by Brkyo614 • April 25, 2012

This has been an exciting week for Brave fans. To accompany the final trailer, Disney has put out three new images from the film, as well as a fresh clip.

The stills should be familiar to those who have seen the latest trailer; most notable is a high-resolution version of the trailer’s dramatic final shot. These images bring out the immense detail in lighting and texturing that Pixar puts into their work.

Click images to view larger.

A new clip has also premiered online. The fun scene shows Merida’s mischievous triplet brothers putting their newfound archery skills to a creative use. Check it out below:

Brave opens in North America on June 22.

How do you think Brave is shaping up?

(Via Pixar Times and The Movie Box)

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CinemaCon ’12: New Lee Unkrich Film Revealed; ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and ‘Mind’ Project Get Release Dates!

Monsters, Inc. 2 (Monsters University), Pixar

Posted by Brkyo614 • April 25, 2012

Pixar’s plans for the future are often shrouded in mystery. However, Entertainment Weekly reports some exciting details out of CinemaCon 2012 regarding Pixar’s upcoming slate, including a previously unannounced production!

Speaking to theatre owners at Disney’s panel, John Lasseter announced Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich’s new project based on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), to be released sometime in 2015. Currently, little is known about the storyline, but the Mexican holiday provides some rich source material to experiment with.

Furthermore, the humorously titled The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs was renamed The Good Dinosaur. The film was also dated for May 30, 2014, following a release date conflict with Disney’s Frozen. Directed by Bob Peterson, best known as the voice of Dug in Up, the movie depicts a world where dinosaurs never went extinct.

The Untitled Pixar Movie that Takes You Inside the Mind, helmed by Monsters, Inc. and Up director Pete Docter, also received a new release date, June 19, 2015, about a year later than previously announced. No title or any additional details were revealed, although the premise continues to intrigue.

Finally, a teaser trailer for Monsters University was screened to attendees of the panel, depicting the rivalry between young Mike and Sulley through a college prank. Expect it to be attached to Brave, which opens on June 22, 2012. Monsters University will make its way into theaters on June 21, 2013.

What are your thoughts on Pixar’s upcoming films?

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