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Posted by Martin • April 25, 2012

Hey, wonderful readers! Rarely do I make personal posts, but today I’d like to say goodbye, and also welcome our newest lead writer, Bryko, to the Upcoming Pixar family!

Bryko has been a member of Pixar Planet since June of 2008 and has since made himself a valuable member of the community by showing an unmatched commitment to the Pixar fandom. 

has gladly accepted the position, taking on the blog’s daily duties. I look forward to his work as I officially take a step back from Upcoming Pixar. Keeping fans up-to-date has been an absolute pleasure, but after four years, I have decided to move on in order to pursue new challenges.

Welcome again, Bryko, and thank you all for loyally reading!

-Martin and the staff of Pixar Planet/Upcoming Pixar

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Final ‘Brave’ Theatrical Trailer! [UPDATE]

Brave, Trailer

Posted by Martin • April 24, 2012

"Feast yer eyes" on the final theatrical trailer for Pixar’s Brave which premiered today via iTunes Movie Trailers.

The two minute and thirty second long preview is, by far, the most concise and exciting look at the studio’s latest epic with its excellent combination of dark and humorous elements from the film. Check it out here:

Brave opens in US theatres on June 22.

UPDATE: Walt Disney Studios Belgium has premiered an alternate international version of this trailer. Often times the international trailers for Pixar films will have a few edits to appeal to foreign audiences. This version of the trailer is much shorter, but features a few great-looking new scenes.

Your thoughts?

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Dark New ‘Brave’ Still Released Online!


Posted by Martin • April 23, 2012

MTV recently premiered a new promotional image from Brave as part of its Summer Movie Preview Week.

The still features Merida, a Will-o’-the-Wisp, and a bear, much like the teaser and previously released images, but with a much moodier environment. The atmosphere of the forest is one of the strong points of the Brave material we’ve seen thus far.

Brave opens in theatres on June 22, 2012.

Your thoughts?

Article written by Bryko, our latest Upcoming Pixar contributor!

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New Japanese ‘Brave’ Poster Revealed!


Posted by Martin • April 22, 2012

As the release of Brave draws near, fresh promotional material continues to premiere.

A new Brave poster for Japanese audiences was recently posted on the IMP Awards website. The latest poster resembles the American one released last March, but incorporates King Fergus, Queen Elinor, and the three bears, as well as our first look at the mysterious Wise Woman (voiced by Julie Walters). Standing menacingly with a crow perched on her head, she provides a peek into the mystical elements of Brave that we’ve yet to see much of.

With each new piece of information released, Brave only becomes more intriguing. The movie opens in the US on June 22 and in Japan on July 21.

What do you think of the witch and Japan’s marketing of the film so far?

Article written by Bryko, our newest Upcoming Pixar contributor!

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New Brave Featurettes: Meet Merida and The Triplets!

Posted by Martin • April 16, 2012

With the release of Brave a little over two months away, Disney/Pixar has begun releasing featurettes to promote the film.

Two clips are available thus far— Brave Stories: Merida, which introduces the film’s princess protagonist, and Brave Family Portrait: The Triplets, which explains Harris, Hubert and Hamish’s role in the film. Check out Merida’s story below and the Triplet’s tale at the link provided above:

Brave opens in the US on June 22.

Your thoughts?

(via Yahoo! Movies and Fandango)

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EW Premieres ‘Brave’ Character Posters!


Posted by Martin • April 2, 2012

This morning, Entertainment Weekly exclusively premiered four character posters from Pixar’s upcoming film, Brave.

The popular magazine published quotes from director Mark Andrews explaining his intentions for some of Brave‘s most central roles along with each one-sheet, most of which feature more than one personality from this summer’s most anticipated animated film.

Notable gems from the article include confirmation that triplets Harris, Hubert and Hamish will not have speaking roles, but instead will "giggle and laugh" and that the opening of the film will feature a young Merida. Check out the article here to enjoy all four posters.

Brave opens in the US on June 22, 2012.

Your thoughts?

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‘Brave’ TV Spot #2!


Posted by Martin • March 22, 2012

A new and exciting TV spot for Pixar’s Brave recently premiered online as the studio ramps up promotion for its upcoming film.

Although this fast paced clip features a ton of footage from previously released trailers, fans will notice a couple of fresh shots have been mixed in as well. See if you can spot the second TV promo while channel surfing, but for now, enjoy the newly minted Brave promo right here:

Brave opens in the US on June 22.

Your thoughts?

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Help Pixar’s Dice Tsutsumi Raise Funds For Japan!


Posted by Martin • March 16, 2012

Artists from Pixar and the industry at large have come together to raise money for the victims of last year’s devastating tsunami in Japan.

Dice Tsutsumi (art director, Toy Story 3) formed Artists Help Japan to benefit the cause by auctioning off rare crew gifts, artwork and other collectibles from some of the world’s most beloved animators. Pixar collectors can be sure that for every winning bid, not only will they take home signed knick-knacks, but 100% of their money will go towards alleviating a region that still needs the world’s attention.

Of particular interest to Pixar fans are some of the following items currently up for auction through Artists Help Japan:

• Cars Crew Jacket
The Art of Ratatouille signed by Brad Bird
The Art of Finding Nemo signed by Andrew Stanton
The Art of Toy Story 3 signed by Lee Unkrich
The Art of WALL-E signed by Andrew Stanton
Brave Crew Cap signed by Mark Andrews

New items will be added frequently during the next two weeks. Check out the main auction page for more fantastic collectibles.

Happy bidding and good luck!

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Epic Japanese ‘Brave’ Trailer Premieres!


Posted by Martin • March 5, 2012

An epic, Japanese trailer featuring a ton of never-before-seen Brave footage recently made its way online.

Upcoming Pixar generally doesn’t post international trailers because they’re oftentimes just dubbed versions of the English-language clips. The notable exceptions, however, are Japanese trailers for the studio’s upcoming films; they’re consistently more epic, sentimental and dark than their global counterparts. See what we mean below:

Brave opens on June 22 in North America and July 21 in Japan.

Your thoughts?

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‘Brave’ Oscars TV Spot Now Online!

Posted by Martin • February 27, 2012

Last night’s Oscars weren’t a total disappointment for Pixar fans.

Viewers who kept their eyes peeled during the award show’s commercial breaks were treated to a brand new Brave TV spot. This is my, by far, my favorite advertisement for Pixar’s upcoming epic. Catch the perfect blend of action, comedy and emotion, set to an enchanting song by Scottish folksinger Julie Fowlis, right here:

Brave opens in North American theatres on June 22.

Your thoughts?

(Video courtesy of TheMovieBox)

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