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Brad Bird on Oscar Nominations

Yesterday the nominees for the 80th Annual Academy Awards (Oscar’s) were announced. Ratatouille has garnered 5 nominations to which Brad Bird, director of Ratatouille says, 

“It’s a great honor to be recognized by the Academy and I’m incredibly proud of all the artists and technical geniuses at Pixar who helped to make it such a wonderful experience. Michael Giacchino is a brilliant composer and collaborator and I’m especially thrilled that the Academy has recognized his fantastic original score which enriches every part of the film. ‘Ratatouille’ was a very special challenge for me, and I am enormously pleased and grateful that it has struck a chord with audiences, critics and Academy members.”

This comes from a press release from Walt Disney Studios early this morning.

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  1. bawpcwpn says:

    You may like to note that in the article JV links to, the journalist says, I quote, “Some highly probable films being teased”. This indicates the journalist doesn’t know if they are being shown during the superbowl but as previously reported, it is likely they will be. No confirmation whatsoever. And you may like to note that there is a link down the bottom to send in news items. Please use it next time, rather than spamming a post.

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