Brave: New Pixar Film? [UPDATE]


In our last post we collected Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera’s latest interviews for Up.

While looking through the conversations, we found a little tidbit that might point to a brand new Pixar feature or short film! This is the suspicious excerpt from this interview by Coming Soon:

"CS: You’ve probably been spending three or four years on this movie yourself, so do you deal with a lot of the other Pixar stuff going on in that time as well or are you able to just focus on this?
Pretty much exclusively on this. Once in a while, we’re at these meetings where we all look at "Toy Story 3" or "Brave" or whatever and we all give comments and notes, but that’s just like a day here or there."

See that, Toy Story 3 and Brave! I for one have never heard of this project, nor do I know anything of it, for all we know it could’ve been misheard or a typo. In any case, if this is real, it could possibly be Pixar’s 2013 project or an upcoming Pixar short.

I don’t know if Pete Docter would’ve slipped a feature’s title so carelessly. Makes me wonder if Brave is a code name for The Bear and the Bow or some sort of misinterpretation of this 2011 film starring a brave princess.

Your thoughts?

Update: Many of your suspicions were correct, Brave is apparently just a codename for The Bear and the Bow. Oh, well. That still leaves speculation for upcoming Pixar projects…

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Last modified: May 23, 2009