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Day & Night Now on iTunes!

Pixar’s latest short, Day & Night, is now available to download on US iTunes!

For the standard price of $1.99, you can take this Teddy Newton directed masterpiece with you anywhere you go! The studio’s innovative animation hybrid is one of my favorites and runs for a good six minutes.

Don’t forget that the iTunes Store also offers almost every Pixar short produced (as well as the studio’s features) on a specialized list.

Note: Links require iTunes.

Will Day & Night make its way onto your iPod’s playlist?

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  1. stehako says:

    Do you know the who, what, and where of the speech at the end of this short?

    This is probably my favorite short of Pixar’s, nearly edging out “One Man Band”.

  2. martini833 says:

    stehako- Yeah. 🙂 At Pixar, Teddy talked about the real life radio broadcast that he got it from. I feel the message is SO important and it’s probably my favorite part of the short, story-wise.

  3. Anonymous says:

    from wiki:

    “The voice used in this film is from Dr. Wayne Dyer and was taken from a lecture he gave in the 1970s”

  4. stehako says:

    Thanks for the info guys!

    Yeah, I loved the message too. It really brought it together nicely. I was a bit worried it was going to turn into a political message, so I got a little tense at that part. But now that I’ve seen it twice I enjoyed it even more the second time.

  5. Rey says:


    I think the ‘politcal message’ marketing is all in the master plan. You got to watch Day & Night twice to enjoy it.

    I can’t download Day & Night because I don’t have US credit card.

  6. martini833 says:

    I actually quite like the implied political message. Prejudice is always wrong — no if, ands or buts. 🙂

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