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Disney Announces ‘Incredibles’ and ‘Cars’ Sequels

At this morning’s annual Disney shareholders’ call, CEO Bob Iger dropped not one, but two Pixar-related bombshells: a sequel to The Incredibles and a third Cars movie are both in development at the studio.

Not much is known about either of the untitled sequels, but Stitch Kingdom reports that Incredibles director Brad Bird is actively involved in that follow-up. I’m sure fans will be thrilled about at least one of these announcements.

With these reveals, Pixar’s announced lineup consists of the following:

Inside Out – June 19, 2015
The Good Dinosaur – November 25, 2015
Finding Dory – June 17, 2016
Untitled Pixar film about Dia de los MuertrosTBA
The Incredibles sequelTBA
Cars sequelTBA

The studio has releases lined up for June 16, 2017, November 22, 2017, and June 15, 2018.

Check back soon for more…

Is Pixar piling on too many sequels, or are you looking forward to these films?

4 Responses to Disney Announces ‘Incredibles’ and ‘Cars’ Sequels

  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess they had to do something now that Teddy Newton and Mark Andrews are apparently working elsewhere. Cannot wait to see this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cautiously optimistic…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m excited about these! I’m happy that they are making sequels to some of our favorite films. I was never a Cars fan, but an Incredibles sequel is very welcome, and Finding Dory will probably be very good. I know Monsters University just came out, but I already want another Monsters sequel (I hope Randall would be in it).

  4. Brice V says:

    Give me Incredibles sequel yesterday!
    This Cars 3 article has good strong takes I can get on board with.

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