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Disney/Pixar on YouTube + Lasseter Talks Buzz Lightyear Toys

As promised by John Lasseter, the legendary brand that Pixar has created throughout the years keeps on invading social networks!

Next up is YouTube, the popular video sharing website I’m sure most everyone is familiar with. This account has much of the content found on Disney/Pixar’s Dailymotion but in this case it’ll be much easier to follow and embed new videos. Edit: Ironically I won’t be adding a video from the aforementioned channel below because they protect embedding, but check out John Lasseter Talks Toys #6 (Buzz) from Disney Living’s channel, one of the best in the series, as an alternative:

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(Thanks goes out to Johnny for pointing this out!)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Buzz Lightyear doll is so cute! I like the little bit of history we got there also. ;D

    I know this series is pretty much over, but I hope we get more toys soon like Jessie and Bullseye! I would love to see a video on it. Hopefully in the future he will upload more videos on the rest of the toys. 😀

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