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Empire Names 500 Greatest Movies of All Time

Empire Magazine has let 10,000 voters decide on another Top/Great list. They’ve taken it to epic proportions this time with the 500 Greatest Movies of All Time, and I was set with the task of tracking down our favourite Pixar movies to see where they rank. 

Funnily enough, only six out of the nine Pixar films made it into the list with only one making it into the top 100. Here is how they ranked in ascending order:

  • 99Toy Story
  • 179Toy Story 2
  • 343Monsters, Inc.
  • 373WALL•E
  • 379 – Ratatouille
  • 400The Incredibles
  • 413Finding Nemo
Now this order and placement may be surprising for some, but the surprise factor wears off once you see a film like Jaws ranked at #5. You can see the full list here. (If I have missed any Pixar films, please let me know and I will add it to the list.)
What do you think of this list, and where you would place each Pixar film in your top 500 films of all time? (Roughly speaking, of course, unless you want to exactly place them.)

0 Responses to Empire Names 500 Greatest Movies of All Time

  1. AlexFSnet says:

    Whoa – did you go through ALL of that to find every Pixar movie?! Damn, I really commend you for doing all that work! Must’ve been tedious…

    Anyway – great to see so many included… Although I personally wish Wall-E and the rest were a bit higher, but they are competing with the best live-action movies of all-time too. Go Pixar!!

  2. SirNuke says:

    Ratatouille @ 379. So 7/9 movies. The overall places are perhaps lower than expected, but I wouldn’t expect Bug’s Life or Cars to make the list.

    I don’t see any information about how the voting took place. 10,000 each ranked 500 movies? That seems unlikely.

    At any rate, the sheer number of movies and voters means there won’t be a much meaning in the individual places.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the Toy Story films, Ratatouille and The Incredibles should have been in the top 10. Overall I think the right films were included in the list but not in the right order.

  4. bawpcwpn says:

    Yeah I sure did. I thought it was going to be easy, you know, all of them in the top 100. Yeah, They ended up being further apart than I anticipated.

  5. Anonymous says:

    CORRECTION! Ratatouille was number 379

  6. Netbug009 says:

    Call me a bias fanbrat, but WALL-E, IMHO, is Pixar’s best film and one of the best film I’ve seen in my life. I feel it should at the least be up ahead of Monsters, if not Toy Story (Oh boy, I’m dead for that one…) No offence to fans of those movies intended. I love every Pixar movie, but…

    Well, putting my personal gripes aside, having over 3/4 of a studio’s films in the top 500 is nothing to cry over, no matter where they are in it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Incredibles should have been in the top 10 for sure, and the others should be ranked a lot higher too. I think it’s interesting that now Indy and SW are old enough to be considered true ‘classics’ and now rank MUCH higher in the list than they would have in the past. (which tells me I’m headed for old-mandom faster than I thought <gasp>) When those movies came out they were mostly considered silly kids movies, except by us kids, of course. That’s why Pixar movies still rank low- people still often think it’s kids stuff – give it another 20 years before it truly comes into its own.

  8. Oh man, I can’t give most of those movies a specific order.. but The Incredibles and Finding Nemo are probably my all time favorites. I love the story in Finding Nemo more, and I love how the movie was made and how it developed. But Incredibles was soo awesome haha. The action and the humor and all that stuff. I love superheroes. But I also loved Ratatouille and Monsters, Inc a lot! I loved Toy Story 2, but I think most of it is because of the humor in that one. It was so funny! I think storywise, Toy Story 1 is better, but I just didn’t like Toy Story 1 that much. I think I didn’t like how everyone ignored Woody for Buzz, and then Woody was jealous in a bad way, and then there were a bunch of sad, unfortunate misunderstandings, and etc. :P. I also liked Cars, even though it’s not on the list. I thought it was really funny!
    I know everyone loved WALL-E, but I thought it was an okay movie. I think people reading this comment will be unpleasantly surprised, but I just didn’t think WALL-E was that good.

  9. Actually, it wouldn’t be perfect, but I think the list given in this entry would be better reversed :P! Except I wouldn’t put WALL-E as high up.

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