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Finding Nemo Finally Ready For Release on Blu-ray; Set For This May?

There are only two Pixar films currently in Blu-ray limbo: The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

With the recent announcement that Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are due on the high definition format starting March 23rd, our Pixar collection (Blu-edition) is one step closer to being complete. But there’s still a considerable void waiting to be filled without the superhero family and our undersea friends. The (years long) wait may just be over this Spring, that is, according to Amazon UK which has Finding Nemo on Blu-ray up for pre-order for a May 1st, 2010 release.

That’s exciting and all… but not very convincing. Well, the date is what tipped me off. See most Blu-ray and DVD releases come out on Tuesdays (at least in the US), but May 1st happens to be on a Saturday this year. It’s worth noting that this is a UK date so it’s unlikely that this applies to the US; it may just be a general tentative placeholder. I’m not sure how home video releases work in the UK, but I’d imagine it would be similar. From looking around it seems Monday is the typical British release date. Anyone care to enlighten me?

That’s not to say we won’t be seeing Finding Nemo on Blu-ray any time soon on either shore. After all, Andrew Stanton’s debut was one of the first Blu-rays announced during Disney’s push to promote the then emerging technology, and for good reason, after all Nemo is the top selling DVD. Who knows, we might even see it on May 4th of this year, the nearest Tuesday from the Amazon date. UK readers may want to try their luck and pre-order the discs, which are up for a reduced price of £17.99. Who knows, you may be the first in the world to see the big ol’ blue in crystal clear majesty!

I’ll be looking further into this story and hopefully we’ll get things straightened out as soon as possible.

(via The Pixar Blog)

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  1. ximonb says:

    Yes, here in the UK Monday is normally the day of release for DVD’s and Blu-ray’s!!! Its exciting stuff if it actually happens!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finding Nemo was aired here last year on BBC HD in 1080i. It looked glorious!

  3. Deszo says:

    That’s a bit strange, it was originally showing on Amazon as a May 10th release date which IS a Monday. Even better, I can’t wait!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Really hope that date is true… Finding Nemo and WALL•E are the two Pixar films I imagined looking GORGEOUS in high-def. —Leirin

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