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Giveaway: Art of Inside Out [Closed]

Inside Out is ten days away! To celebrate, we’re giving our readers the chance to win a copy of the art book. This is certainly a worthy addition to anyone’s art book collection. It’s filled with the most gorgeous concept art and boasts impressive work by seasoned artists Ralph Eggleston, Ronnie del Carmen, Albert Lozano, and Josh Cooley.

To win a copy, comment on this post telling us who your favorite emotion is and why. Be sure to include your name and email address as well. This giveaway is open to US residents only. Comments must be posted before Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST.  The winner will be announced the following day with an email by June 19th, Inside Out‘s release date.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. We’ll post the winner shortly!

75 Responses to Giveaway: Art of Inside Out [Closed]

  1. Cheri says:

    I can’t accurately say who my favorite emotion is because I haven’t seen the film yet…but I would say that my favorite emotion is Anger. It’s an emotion that can be expressed in so many different ways, but is also misunderstood. It’s bad to let anger run while, but it’s also bad hold it in. Just because you feel anger, doesn’t make you a bad person.

  2. Blake Roark says:


    My favorite emotion, from what i’ve seen so far without having actually seen the film in its entirety, is Anger. All his clips have made me laugh without fail and Lewis Black perfectly delivers that perpetually frustrated and quick to go off vibe over everything from no dessert to broccoli on pizza. I also like that even though he’s an embodiment of anger, he’s not entirely a mean character at the same time. he still cares about what’s best for Riley and seems genuinely pleased with her happy moments and making or making sure she gets what’s fair. Also he dresses for his job which is always respectable

  3. Melissa McIntyre says:

    I love Joy! So much positivity and her style!

  4. Ricky mar says:

    Sadness because she’s so cute with her giant glasses.

  5. Josie says:

    My favorite emotion is Joy mainly because she has shown my son how to display an optimistic feeling verbally which in turn makes him more relatable to his peers. Also, I cannot wait to see this movie with him as it is all he watches on YouTube during his free time.

  6. chris go says:

    My favorite emotion is joy because really there is no better feeling.

  7. Michael O says:

    Favorite Emotion: Sadness

    I’m beyond excited to see how Sadness’s role in the film plays out. Many of the early reviews praise Docter for how he shows that sadness is just as necessary as happiness in humans which is crucial for everyone to understand. Hopefully the movie helps a lot of kids (and adults) understand just how normal sadness is. Plus I’m sure she’ll be the root of a ton of heart-wrenching moments!

  8. My favorite emotion is Anger because I think Lewis Black is a perfect voice for him and I feel like the most humor can be derived from his attitude.

    Forster Keenoy

  9. Tracy says:

    We were just talking about Joy today in my 7th grade mindfulness class . . . and what moments in life make us feel truly joyful. (And I’m a huge Amy Pohler fan) Having said that, I think Disgust is so interesting, and so much gorgeous songwriting comes out of sadness. I’m gonna go with . .Disgust/Mindy Kahling. (I guess I can’t choose just one!) I’m so excited for this film to come out. Thank you Pixar!!

  10. Edd Vick says:

    It’s gotta be Joy. Sure, the others are necessary, but life’s nothing without her!

  11. Daniel Clark says:

    Sadness because I know that feel.

  12. Sam says:

    Disgust! Because A. Mindy Kaling and B. It’s such a complex emotion compared to the basic happiness/sadness/anger and it’s so interesting that they decided to include it.

  13. Job says:

    My favorite emotion is joy, for there is simply nothing like it.

  14. Teyana Powell says:

    My favorite emotion is Anger. He catches my attention the most because his ferocious nature is not only humorous, it is essential, as well. Anger is always on edge, making him the one character most capable of taking risks and pushing the envelope.

  15. Erin says:

    Sadness is my favorite because she is so dramatic! I guess it’s no surprise, since I have always loved Eeyore…

  16. Riley Wheeler says:

    My favorite emotion is Joy because of her spunk and bubbly personality

  17. Jordan Smith says:

    I think my favorite emotion is Joy because it’s the one I like to feel most. But hey, maybe Inside Out will change that for me! 🙂

    Jordan Smith
    jordan (at) smithsrus (dot) com

  18. Michael Maslowski says:

    My Favorite emotion is Anger because he is the funniest in all the previews.
    Michael Maslowski

  19. Scott Wiser says:

    My favorite emotion is Sadness, because she pulls my heartstrings the most. I also think that the depth and theme of the movie will play out the most through and because of her. But design-wise, I think they are ALL BRILLIANT!

  20. My favorite emotion is Disgust because you can express what do you dislike about the status quo, that makes you unique, and different.

    Cristina Castaneda

  21. Kim Johnson says:

    I’m most looking forward to meeting Joy – with 4 ‘negative’ emotions to contend with, I’m sure she will be stealing the show!

  22. Pauline Lu says:

    My favorite emotion is fear because it’s something we all relate to yet experience in very different ways. I can’t wait to see more of the humor and silliness that has been brought to this character! It’s really important sometimes to be able to laugh in the face of fear 😉

  23. Josh Fish says:

    The best emotion (and my personal favorite) has to be Joy (not to be cliche). The concentrated energy that radiates from this character, from her glowing particles to the incredible voice-work by Amy Poehler, is the most incredible representation of true joy and happiness that I have ever experienced. Only in Pixar films have I ever found such pure and amazing characterization.

  24. Heather S says:

    My favorite emotion is happy 🙂 because who doesn’t love feeling and being happy? It’s the BEST!

  25. Abel Pamuk says:

    My favorite emotion is Disgust. She’s very cute and the most interesting of the characters inside Out before seeing the movie., having the best lines in the trailers.

  26. My favorite emotion is Joy because she reminds us that we all need to take life a little less seriously. / Name: Kellie Robinson. Email:

  27. Patrick Gerrity says:

    I think Joy is my favorite emotion, and Amy Poehler is perfect to provide the voice. She makes everyone happy! I can’t wait to see the movie!
    Patrick Gerrity

  28. Bri Kenney says:

    Sadness is my favorite emotion! Even though she’s down in the dumps all the time, there’s just a lot of laughable bits from her character. Like there’s tiny little things she says and does that are absolutely hilarious. From clips and trailers you can tell she has so much heart, and I feel so bad that none of the other emotions understand her or what her purpose is. I think she is going to surprise them and audiences alike because she just seems like such an amazing character with much to offer.

  29. Kevin says:

    My favorite emotion is joy because because there’s no better feeling. It’s contagious and makes everything better. Plus I think joy and sadness will be next woody and buzz, Mike and sully, lightning and mater. Joy makes u feel bubbly and I think amy Poehler captures that perfectly. Kevin 🙂

  30. My favorite emotion is Joy! She’s optimistic, caring, and can turn your frown upside down! I can’t wait to see Amy Poehler’s performance as the little ray of sunshine. I pretty much just picture Leslie Knope reincarnated into this character, and I now that Parks and Rec is over, I need as much of her as I can get. (I also have a Halloween costume up and ready! Love her so much and I haven’t seen the movie yet! :D)

    Maryanne Baker

  31. Dayse D. says:

    My favorite emotion is Disgust, because I think that’s the one responsible for sarcasm, and my everyday interactions would be very bleak without it.

  32. buster-kun says:

    The emotion character I am most interested in seeing is Disgust because she is the most unusual and unexpected emotion of the five.

  33. My favorite emotion is Sadness because so far she looks hilarious in the trailers and previews I’ve seen. Pete Docter and Albert Lozano came to my school and showed us her character tests and Phyllis Smith is absolutely perfect as her voice. She is a great contrast to Joy and will certainly provide a lot of comedic moments.

  34. Joey Koval says:

    My favorite emotion is Fear because I love Bill Hader!! thanks for the great posts and keep the news coming. Can’t WAIT for next week!

  35. John Golingay says:

    Sadness because she is so cute and I just want to hug her and make her feel better!

  36. G K says:

    My favorite emotion is Fear. Bill Hader is hilarious, and I think Fear is the epitome of how I feel when I’m scared.

  37. Favorite Emotion: Sadness

    I’m beyond excited to see how Sadness’s role in the film plays out. Many of the early reviews praise Docter for how he shows that sadness is just as necessary as happiness in humans which is crucial for everyone to understand. Hopefully the movie helps a lot of kids (and adults) understand just how normal sadness is. Plus I’m sure she’ll be the root of a ton of heart-wrenching moments!

  38. Bernie W says:

    Panic is my favorite emotion because it is one that I can relate to. I seem to panic alot. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  39. Zeina Masri says:

    My favorite emotion is Joy! Pete Docter explained that she was designed like an explosion or spark, and full of energy. Joy’s cheerful, positive and does a great job making life fun!

  40. Tara O. says:

    My favorite emotion is Disgust because she made me crack up on the previews I watched!

  41. Katelyn Hudson says:

    I love Anger because of his sarcastic sense of humor. Plus, “Thanks a lot San Francisco! You’ve ruined pizza!”

  42. Michael says:

    I can’t wait to sit back and watch Fear run around frantically with his arms flailing, teeth chattering and eyes bugging out! He’s going to keep everyone in line and safe…when he’s not cowering in a ball on the floor of course…

    Michael Perrotta

  43. Obindi Onunka says:

    My favorite emotion is Fear because I can relate to him the most out the emotions. I am always fearful about failing, the future, and life in general. Sometimes fear stops many from accomplishing goals and tasks. Fortunately though, without fear we can’t have courage and bravery. One of the best feelings is when you overcome your fears; it is wonderful.

  44. Asli Akin says:

    Joy is my favorite emotion due to her bubbly personality. From what we’ve seen so far, she doesn’t let anything get her down and always finds a way to think positive. She’s exciting, funny, and charming. Her undying optimism is unforgettable and has been able to turn the worst days around.

  45. Lauren Spellman says:

    My favorite emotion is Sadness because I love her sweater and I think she’ll show the other emotions that a little sadness every now and then is part of being a human.
    Lauren Spellman

  46. Marissa Knowlden says:

    My favorite Inside Out emotion would definately have to be sadness because she is such a well written and played character. Her mannerisims are so realistic and everything about her just emulates sadness. Also Phyllis Smith is fantastic with the voice work!

  47. Peter Zupke says:

    My favorite emotion is Joy because her character most cements the idea that the emotions inside our heads are round characters rather than caricatures. Joy feels sad, angry, afraid, and disgusted at several times throughout the movie. Amy Poehler’s performance fills this tough task perfectly.

    Peter Zupke

  48. Isaac Atwood says:

    My favorite emotion is Sadness because she has the best possible choice for her voice actor. I also like that her design resembles an upside down tear drop and I love her colors. (If I win I will be at scout camp til the 20th so i may not respond til then.)

  49. My favorite emotion is Joy. Amy Poehler’s unabashed silliness is infectious, and the character design is instantly iconic and appealing. Plus, I am excited to think of future generations of kids subconsciously imagining their emotions as little color-coded characters in their heads, and letting their own personal ‘Joy’ take the helm because, well, she’s their brain’s main character!

  50. Brian N. says:

    I think my favorite emotion would have to be fear.

    It seems silly but fear keeps us safe and aware of what’s happening around us at all times. Fear is overlooked and made fun of, cause it’s fearful. But sometimes the scariest things tend to you favorite in the end.

  51. Robert M says:

    My favorite is Joy and Amy is going to kill with her voice work!

  52. Brian says:

    Having not seen the film yet, I’d say my favorite emotion is anger. I think his shape archetype very well fits his personality. Having hard edges and being square. His design is simple, yet expresses his emotion.


  53. Rachel Webber says:

    Sadness–when I saw her walk across the screen at the end of the trailer it hit me right in the feels. She has big glasses like me and I like her sweater. I think I might have to be Sadness for Halloween this year. Then maybe get a few friends to join in as the rest of the crew. Reading everyone’s answers is making me love all five of them even more. Thanks!


  54. Rahul Tyagi says:

    Let’s see which one steals the show in the movie, but I’m really excited to see Lewis Black do his thing as Anger on screen. Actually, *all* the voice casts are really quite inspired! But it has to be Lewis Black and his inimitable perpetual angry character that’s always hilarious that I’m anticipating most.

  55. Trevor says:

    As a long time fan of Lewis Black, anger is my favourite emotion!

  56. Andrea Alarcon says:

    My favorite it emotion is disgust. I couldn’t choose from all 5 because I love them all!

    My name is Andrea Alarcon

  57. Francisco Carrillo says:

    My favorite emotion is Joy.
    I really can’t wait to see this film! I love arts and design so I would really appreciate this copy.

    Francisco Carrillo

  58. Joy. She reminds me of my girlfriend. No matter what the mood is…she always finds a way to make me happy with her presence and attitude. I’d love to give her this book if she wins the movie looks like it’s going to be really fun.

  59. My favorite emotion would be joy. In the literal and character sense and I can already tell that Amy will be my favorite. To me she’s just the epitome of happiness and laughter in everything she has been in. I like to think that no matter what you’re going through in life, its good to be hopeful and at least remember better times to get you through it. A little bit of Joy goes a long way. 🙂

  60. Mariam Fallon says:

    Not having seen the film and judging only from the trailers, I’d say my favorite emotion is Joy. She’s full of life and hope and makes me excited for the future.

  61. Jennifer Mattes says:

    Sadness, she seems like one of the most honest (if a bit dramatic) feeling in the cast. Can’t wait to see her journey.

  62. Michelle U. says:

    My favorite emotion would have to be Joy! Not only is she halarious but Joy is an amazing feeling where it can be passed on to others in a beautiful and positive way. Imagine a room full of JOY! How amazing would that be! 😀 Just entering this giveaway fills me with joy! Joy is a beautiful feeling that should always be shared with others and that is why she is my favorite emotion.

  63. Diana says:

    My favorite emotion is Joy! Everyone should have some joy in their lives, from all different sources. Also, my first dog was named Joy!

  64. Robbie Bromley says:

    Definitely love Disgust because she’s voiced by the hilarious and beautiful Mindy Kaling!

  65. Z B says:

    Name is Zach Walt. Email is
    My favorite emotion thus far is Fear. just the way he is animated is very amusing. Also Bill Hader’s voice does very well in the role. I really like Bing Bong too, but he is not an emotion so Fear is my favorite.

  66. Dan Stanley says:

    My favorite is fear, it keeps us grounded, it keeps us from making dumb mistakes, It makes us feel like heroes on a day to day basis. It also inspires my kids to see that if their dad can overcome something they are afraid of, they can do anything. I have spent 5 years overcoming fear almost everyday, after being wounded in Afghanistan my daughters drive me to overcome the fears I face everyday and inspire me to show them that fear can be used for good.

  67. RJ Scofield says:

    My favorite emotion would have to be Joy. It’s a hard choice, but I would choose her out of all the fantastically hilarious emotions because she’s not only a funny and well-developed character, but also for what she can represent.

    Her positivity and encouraging nature in the face of difficult situations is something that this world can be short on too often, and being able to have a character that represents all I want in people (and myself) is some thing really special you only get every so often in movies. While Inside Out essentially celebrates sadness, Joy is a triumph in that she is something everyone would want to emulate.

    She’s a very special character to me because, at the very least, whenever I feel down or like I’m in a bad place I can say “hey, why don’t we let Joy drive for a little bit.”

  68. Disgust, beacuse it is voiced by Mindy Kaling, and I love her!

  69. Tim B says:

    Anger because just like the character in the movie I can get a little fiery and boisterous

  70. Garrett Hedman says:

    Disgust because Mindy Kaling IS INCREDIBLE! I’ve loved her in everything she’s done and she deserves to have a voice in one of the best PIXAR movies eeeevvvvveeerrr (fingers crossed)! What could be a pessimistic character, Mindy makes wonderful! Those eyelashes! That green hair! Can’t beat it!

  71. Brandon says:

    Sadness—she’s got a lot of heart and Phyllis is amazing

  72. Spencer says:

    Sadness is so cute in her little outfit!

  73. Dan Chapman says:

    My favorite is easily Fear, because I feel he is the emotion that is in control in my own mind.

  74. Emily says:

    My favorite so far would probably have to be Joy, because of her fun personality. Her happyness is contagious!

  75. ella753 says:

    Although Sadness is super cute and I can’t stop being touched by her but I love Disgust because of her style and being very confident. She also reminds me a bit of Edna Mode which is one of my favorite Pixar characters. I wonder if Disgust is in control in Edna Mode’s head.

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