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John Lasseter on Charlie Rose Tonight!

ATTENTION ALL U.S. BASED PIXAR FANS: John Lasseter will be one of tonight’s (Friday 06/02/2006) featured guests on the Charlie Rose show on PBS.

Check your local TV listing to see what time it is on.

However don’t fret if you miss it because on Monday the entire show is posted on the website. I will definitley do a post up about it then.

So set your TiVo’s to record this event. It sounds like it will be good!

Thanks to Jeffrey Engel at for the heads up!

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  1. Duniyadnd says:

    Dang… completely missed it..

  2. T-bird says:

    Actually, I don’t have a TiVo, but I have Time Warner Cable’s DVR, does that work? 🙂 Anyway, they had something on Disney Channel where it had 2 stars from a Disney show called “Hannah Montana” and they went to the Pixar studio to learn how they made Cars. They met with the animator VICTOR NAVONE (notice the name?), went with Guido Quaroni in the recording studio and did their voices in the scene where Lightning first meets Mater (it’s not gonna be in the film, as for as I know), and show an EXCLUSIVE SCENE from the movie! It was pretty awesome.But it’s already happened, but I think you can see it on the Disney Channel site.

  3. BrianB says:

    Missed it here as well. But here’s a tip for everyone else. CHECK OUT GOOGLE VIDEO! You can buy all of Charlie Rose’s shows for $.99 and the latest uploaded show is streamed free!

    So look for the show to show to be hosted on Monday. It will say “buy for $0.99” on the side, but just ignore it and click on the image of June 2nd, 2006 when it’s up. The only benefit of buying it while it’s being streamed for free, is if you want a high quality version.

    Here’s the link..

    Also, if anyone’s interested, there’s a show from 1996 after the release of Toy Story – interviewing John Lasseter and Steve Jobs. Available for $0.99, along with a free 3 minute preview, here..

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