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Pixar Animator Guilherme Jacinto’s Story

Have you ever dreamed of working at Pixar? I’m just going to guess and say that many of our readers do so every day, this is Upcoming Pixar after all!

Anyhow, Guilherme Jacinto achieved his dream straight out of college! The young animator is sharing his story in an inspiring interview with Tampa Bay’s Examiner. "During my third year of school I got an internship… When I graduated, [Pixar] called me and offered me a job." He gives us insight on his background and what he’s been doing ever since he got to Pixar!

I really like interviews of this type because, not only do they introduce lesser known animators to fans but they also inspire prospective Pixarians to work hard on reaching their goals. Maybe one of these articles will inspire a future Pixar animator…

Check out his art blog right here.

Did you find this interview inspiring? Do you like reading interviews with Pixarians (I know I do)? Tell us what you think!

0 Responses to Pixar Animator Guilherme Jacinto’s Story

  1. Mitch says:

    As condensced as it is, this interview was very helpful to me. I am also an aspiring artist aiming to work at Pixar, so every bit of information I can devour is beneficial.

    Thank you for posting this up!

  2. Simon-Simon says:

    I LOVE reading these types of interviews! They are so inspiring and just gives you a real push to not give up! And also like you wrote it’s so much fun to read about other Pixarians then Pete Docter or Joh Lasseter for once!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want to work at Pixar, too. That is my future dream.

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