Rumour Ramblings: UP & Cars 2

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First up is, UP (or is it Up, I’m a little confused now). An Upcoming Pixar reader points out some information a former classmate revealed on a re-union website concerning UP.

Met my husband at Pixar (who is now producing a 2009 film called "UP"-get your tissues out!)

says the classmate. Will UP be a tear-jerker like Monster’s Inc.. I wouldn’t put it past Pete Docter. The ending in Monster’s Inc. always wells up a tear in my eye.

Secondly, an Aint It Cool News tipster, WALL-E*WONKA, says that Disney are eyeing 2011 to release sequels, including the much rumoured, Cars 2. Please let it not be true. 
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Last modified: March 1, 2008