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Toy Story 3 Screening at Pixar to Benefit Emery Ed Fund!

Emery Ed Fund is back with another fantastic opportunity to visit Pixar Animation Studios!

This time, the yearly event features a preview screening of the absolutely fantastic Toy Story 3 over three weeks in advance of wide release! Also included in admission is food, wine, and a silent auction. Held on May 27th, 2010, this event was made to benefit local Emeryville schools.
If you’re in the area around that date and plan on attending, you should know that tickets start at $250 with all of the above included. Not only will the feature presentation surely blow you away, but you’ll get the chance to enter an environment that fosters creativity like none other. It’s also a plus that you’re giving back to the community.

After visiting the studio myself, I can now proudly and honestly say that when an opportunity like this arises, you should take it. Who knows what surprises you might find along the way. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll be in for quite a ride as you revisit Buzz, Woody and the gang!

For more details on Emery Ed Fund’s Toy Story 3 preview screening fundraiser, follow this link. Alternate ticket packages and purchasing is available at the site.

Do any of you plan on attending?

9 Responses to Toy Story 3 Screening at Pixar to Benefit Emery Ed Fund!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am from Barcelona (Spain) and I will try to assist!!! unfortunately this year a tour is not scheduled and I am sending mails to emery ed just to know more about the possibilities to get a tour… It’s a dream for me to assist and of course it’s very expensive to fly from Spain just to assist… I hope that somebody at pixar brings me the opportunity to “visit” something at the studios…

  2. lazy prince says:

    I live in Sydney Australia. When we found out confirmed release date for Toy Story 3 my husband suggested we plan a trip to the US to coincide. We really just thought we would go to a midnight screening at El Capitan or something. Anyway we have been saving for 12 months and I did know that it might be possible to score tickets to one of the benefit screenings that Pixar make themselves available for, long story short yesterday I went onto EmeryEd page and got us 2 tickets to May 27 TS3 premiere!!!!! very excited. I then had to spend the day changing flights from Australia. As luck would have it we had booked to fly to the US on May 28 , so it has been an expensive 24hrs. (may have to sell a kidney on ebay) Really think it’s worth it though. Would love to her from any other Pixar tragics if they are attending???

  3. martini833 says:

    lazy prince- That’s so great to hear! I’m happy for you! Have fun at Pixar, you’ll love it!

  4. SaRuRo says:

    It’s all confirmed!! I’ve got my ticket, the flights and the hotel so… I WILL ASSIST TO THE MAY 27 PREMIERE TOO!! I will fly from Barcelona… I am a little crazy, I know!! hehehe

    Lazy Prince, I hope to meet you! I will rest in San Francisco for three days.

    It’s amazing!! :):):)

  5. nickname510 says:

    I am definitely going! I’ve been looking at the emeryed site every day so I made sure I didnt miss it. I got a ticket and so did a few of my friends! this is going to be my first time to actually go into Pixar, even though I drive by it so often dreaming of a tour. This couldn’t be any better honestly, being able to see TS3 for the first time at one of the greatest places on earth! May 27th can’t come fast enough, we should all try to meet up, sort of a pixar planet gathering.

  6. martini833 says:

    Ah!! You don’t know how happy I am for all of you who are attending. That’s the power of the internet, bringing people with common interests together, right! 😀 Have an amazing time everyone.

  7. lazy prince says:

    Hey, so great to hear a few people are coming to Pixar on May 27th. We are only flying in the day before and then are driving up from Los Angeles the morning of the 27th. I am thinking we will only get to our hotel in time to change and on to Pixar. Does anyone know if we are able to park at Pixar? Also we are currently booked into the La Quinta At Oakland Airport, anyone know if this place is OK?? We need to stick to a bit of a budget but it seems reasonable and not to far on to Emeryville. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey lazy prince,
    There is indeed plenty of parking at Pixar, both onsite as well as on the street right outside the studio.

    As for your hotel choice, I don’t know about it specifically, but Oakland is indeed relatively close to Emeryville, so you should be fine.

    Do realize that the drive from LA to Emeryville could be somewhere between 7-8 hours long, depending on traffic. Just make sure you leave as much time as possible, because it would tragic to miss the event due to traffic.

    Still strongly considering dropping the money for this event, so hopefully I’ll see you all there!

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