West Adams and North Hollywood may be sites of some great attractions, but they have significant safety issues as well, mostly after dark. The areas coastal location is a key lure for rentals. We ranked the neighborhoods from cheapest to most expensive in the chart below. Featured Review: Current Resident says Mount Washington is a relatively safe neighborhood, most people are familiar with each other. Its violent crime rate per 100K people is 170, and property crime for the area comes in at 1,746 for 2020. Glendale outperforms other LA neighborhoods in terms of livability by 57 percent. Westwood Village borders the UCLA campus on the south side and is a major destination for dining, shopping, movie theaters, and other entertainment in the area. This charming little town is home to around 100,000 residents and the Tournament of Roses. Did any of the cheapest neighborhoods in Los Angeles sound like a good fit for your budget and personality? 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Related Posts:Colorado vs. CaliforniaCalifornia StereotypesSwimming With Dolphins in Los Angeles: Must Know! Playa del Rey rounds out our list at number ten for the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. These days there are seemingly endless ways to brew a cup of coffee in the morning. Arleta exceeds other Los Angeles neighborhoods by 6 percent in terms of livability. Movie filming can be a hassle as can lots of construction, though it is well kept. KC was one of the first schools in San Mateo county to receive the in person instructional waiver, and our child was able to safely attend school all last year during a pandemic. Its also home to many office complexes, offering an excellent combination of fun and entertainment as well as suburban comforts and proximity to work. Everyone knows about Rodeo Drive and the stunning mansions that make this area distinct, but for the people who actually live here, its surprisingly normal think more suburb chic, rather than Hollywood sleaze. Playa Vista on the west end of the city is another great neighborhood for families moving to La-La Land! Not only is the university located right in the middle of this area, but Northridge East is also one of the cheapest neighborhoods in L.A. That's a win-win for college students because living near the school will help you save time and money. Also nearby is Aliso Canyon Park, a (mostly) undeveloped space with rugged trails for hiking and horseback riding. However, in general, most parts of Los Angeles are very safe to visit. If you want to live in a neighborhood rich in history and tradition but has a cool, modern vibe, look for apartments to rent in Chinatown. Above all, this is a fantastic location for creative professionals, thanks to its dynamic nightlife scene. It is because native Angelenos still do not know about it. The community is warm and inviting; when my family first moved in, we received invites and welcome baskets from people in the neighborhood. It's an oasis in a very busy city. Read 1 review. Mar Vista exceeds other LA neighborhoods by 71 percent in terms of livability. For some foreigners, Los Angeles means Hollywood and Hollywood means glamour; however, Hollywood is a relatively small neighborhood in the large city of Los Angeles and (to the dismay of some tourists) L.A. is not always . Although the community is dominated by the UCLA campus and its 40,000+ UCLA students, the rest of the neighborhood consists of a blend of high-rise apartments, single-family homes, smaller apartments, and office buildings. A note-- Inglewood was considered dangerous for a long time, but has really cleaned up its act. Location: Northeast LA CountyCrime & Safety Score: B-Average Crime Rate (per 1,000): 25.93 | Violent Crime: 2.08 / Property Crime: 23.85, Median Home Cost: $1.25M-$2MAverage Rent for a 1-Bedroom Apartment: $1,600-$2,000, Best place to stay: Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles Sherman Oaks. Another plus is the median age, 30, which makes Echo Park young and thriving. According to statistics, the median price of a home in the area is $655,300, with an average rent of $1,535. To Travel To? The average commute into the city is around 35 minutes. I feel safe at night walking to and from my car or even taking the dog out. Residents and visitors who love art, history and excellent food gravitate to Westlake North because of its fantastic eateries and hot entertainment spots. Everything is walkable and there are a ton of young families. The Los Angeles metropolitan area consists of 88 cities, with approximately 140 unincorporated areas. Unfortunately, this is where the large majority of the citys homeless stay. You'll also find many historic landmarks, including Lafayette Park, MacArthur Park, Temple-Beaudry and Filipinotown. This neighborhood was also the fictional home for the McFly family in the Back to the Future movie series. Top 15 Safest Cities & Neighborhoods to Live In (Or Visit) In Los Angeles County 1. Although there is not much to do, and most activities in MB are expensive, it is still nice to be able to drive around at night, and have fun down at the beach with your friends. Interestingly, this community borders Skid Row, a neighborhood with dilapidated streets and rundown buildings. If so, it's now time to take the next step. Because it's one of the cheapest places to live in Los Angeles, it's a haven for artists and young families. Despite being one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, residents often refer to Northridge as the jewel of San Fernando Valley. I've lived here my entire life and have never had any problems with it, other than the staggering housing costs. 1. You might think that moving to one of the cheapest places to live in Los Angeles would mean you have to compromise on things like luxury amenities. Beverly Hills is a place that has gained a glamorous reputation from its status as one of the most luxurious places on the planet. Apartments for rent in Hancock Park are upscale and perfect for families looking for a centrally-located residential community that's closer to Downtown L.A. than Beverly Hills or Brentwood. A steep, six-mile loop trail in the park will provide you with a great workout! This safe and affluent area also has excellent schools. Located right next to LAX, it somehow has kept that cozy, small-town feeling where everyone knows everyone. Town limits have 1 shell gas station, 1 liquor store (Cherry Valley market), and 3 restaurants. El Segundo is a wonderful small suburb that is often overlooked, but its really starting to make a name for itself! Although there are always risks associated with living in and traveling to any major metropolitan area, Los Angeles County has a number of measures in place that help to make it a safe environment. They are safe, and the students here usually do very well academically. Current Resident: Beautiful neighborhood surrounded by 100+ year old homes that transport you back in time with distinctive, varied architectural styles. Cibolo is 82 percent more livable than nearby Los Angeles neighborhoods. One of the hippest and most up-and-coming spots in the entire city, Silver Lake is home to a mix of creatives and, typically, entrepreneurs. The neighborhood experienced a 10.48 percent increase in rental costs in the past year. As a relatively large city, it is traffic-heavy because of its location off of the 5 Freeway - so you'll have to weigh those pros and cons yourself. Many properties contain horse ranches. This neighborhood is 20 percent safer than others in LA. Sherman Oaks is a vibrant suburban area located in Los Angeles. Bel Air The safest neighborhood in Los Angeles is Bel Air. Located on the Westside, its generally a very quiet, pleasant neighborhood and its schools are top-rated in the state! Like Westwood, this area is home to a large concentration of young students, along with wealthy families and high-profile residents, due to its close proximity to UCLA. This community is approximately 22 miles from the city center. Situated just south of the marina, Playa del Rey is primarily residential, with some shopping and dining offered along its main thoroughfare. With a population of roughly 159,000, Lancaster is a mid-sized area ideal for those seeking the amenities of a larger city but with a small-town vibe. The reason I love. Current Resident: Nice neighbourhood with a very friendly community! Mar Vista ranks number six on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Its home to two iconic shopping malls, including the popular Sherman Oaks Galleria. Generally, low cost apartments for rent in Los Angeles come in below the average monthly cost of all similar apartments. It's also one of Los Angeles' most recognizable neighborhoods. It is also located next to the Los Angeles river. Read 2 reviews. On Melrose Avenue, all the way to the Sunset Strip, flagship stores coexist with celebrity chef-run restaurants. Its normally pretty safe too, so no need to fret if youre wandering around late at night. I always caution against staying overnight in Downtown LA, Venice, or Hollywood. Being a Los Angeles resident, Jessica spends a lot of her time looking for her next DIY project and sharing her love for home design. This idyllic neighborhood offers breathtaking scenery, with rolling hills, lush green spaces, and plenty of trees. Spend your days exploring the rolling hills and visiting restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. As the 14th most populous city in Los Angeles County, the community is extremely diverse. Take in the sun and sights of Tampa from your apartment! KC tuition is a fantastic value compared to other private schools in the area. Featured Review: Current Resident says Positives: South of the Blvd/Glen Aire subdivision is and has always been a great place to live with a thriving Jewish community, a safe, clean, robust, affluent area full of gorgeous scenery , and aNegatives: Not the most family friendly place to grow up, not very neighborly as people keep to themselves, quiet except for the Buckley school traffic and folks cutting through to go to the city.. Current Resident: Cosmopolitan, clean, convenient, quiet. A 30 minute walk to a main street. Read 4 reviews. With decreased gang activity over the past couple of decades, the area has grown into one of the safest in the city, with a reported 8.5 violent crimes per 10,000 people. Situated on the westside of Los Angeles, the Sawtelle neighborhood has a lot going for it that makes it appealing to its 39,000-plus residents. The restaurants are all delicious including my favorite breakfast place called More Than Waffles at the Encino Commons. This upscale residential neighborhood is filled with lush lawns, beautiful gardens, and stately mansions. According to data, the median purchase price of a home in the area is $1,900,500, and the average rent is $1,988. Much like a few other spots around town, the area has walking parks, a bustling nightlife and areas for residents and visitors to just hangout and take in the California sunshine. The Westland North neighborhood is one of the first residential areas in Los Angeles, rivaling Manhattan's Upper East Side as an area of affluence. According to data, the median purchase price of a home in the area is $797,200, and the average rent is $1,576. Gorgeous, mature palm trees line the street, and you can see the Hollywood sign from your window. People are diverse, welcoming and friendly. Neighbors are warm and helpful. According to the Los Angeles Almanac, L.A. is the 16th most expensive city in the country. The only downside to Playa del Rey is that residents have to deal with the nearby Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) noise. Compton is known for its gang-related crime and though certain parts of Inglewood are improving now that its home to the SoFi Stadium, much of the area remains unsafe. Location: East Los Angeles, close to West CovinaCrime & Safety Score: BAverage Crime Rate (per 1,000): 8.94 | Violent Crime: 0.46 / Property Crime: 8.48. This area offers a small-town ambiance and reasonable living. Speaking of quirky, it's not unusual to find wild peafowl and feral parrots wandering Victor Heights, adding a tropical twist to the inner city. Photo via @nancyosbornere. Read 63 reviews. Mar Vista Based off of statistics, the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles is the safest place in the entire city, averaging just 4.8 violent crimes per 10,000 residents. Featured Review: Former Resident says I have lived in Encino for most of my life and from my experience I love it. The neighborhood is one of L.A.'s most prominent. In addition, this neighborhood is 90% safer than the rest of LA. 6 Niche users give it an average review of 4.2 stars. Elysian valley is surrounded by a lot of trees. Whether youre simply planning on spending just one day out or wanting to call it home for longer periods of time; these destinations will provide a safe haven in the hustle and bustle of California living. It has a warm feel to it and an overall sense of unity and community. Although I merely live with myWhile it's mostly residential there's a fair amount of places to go, and I'm not disappointed by any means even if the range is limited.. #140 Best Places to Live in Los Angeles Area. Featured Review: Current Resident says Cosmopolitan, clean, convenient, quiet. From its many gated communities to its fantastic hiking opportunities, theres plenty for Porter Ranch residents to enjoy. Playa del Rey is a small community right next to LAX. In fact, the city hosts over 35 million tourists every year. Alongside lesser-known landmarks . The longer I live in Palms, the more I love the neighborhood and I do not plan on leaving anytime soon. Read 14 reviews. Playa Vista. All these efforts are aimed at keeping LA County residents and visitors safe while also allowing them to enjoy all the immense possibilities of life in the city. According to figures, the median purchase price of a property in the area is $1,853,384, with an average rent of $2,025. Located in the Verdugo Mountains and northeastern section of the San Fernando Valley, Shadow Hills is roughly 19 miles outside of Los Angeles. Everything is walkable and there are a ton of young families. While no city is ever perfectand La La Land has its fair share of high-crime areasthere are spots where buying or renting is about as pristine as possible, offering a number of things for residents to do and see. With its wide, tree-lined streets and picturesque residential homes, the area is known for its suburban tranquility. What is a safe neighborhood in LA? Bel Air has one of the highest median incomes in the city and is not incredibly diverse. >>> RELATED POST: Moving to Los Angeles Without a Job: 21 Important Tips! The neighborhood is safe, family-friendly, beautiful, and affordable for living. The neighborhood is on a sloping hill with a fantastic view of the L.A. skyline. Located between much busier Los Angeles neighborhoods, Cheviot Hills offers a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bel Air comfortably offers its own sense of peace and serenity and is certainly one of the safest cities in Los Angeles county. As its known, WeHo is a luxurious neighborhood sandwiched between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. 90 Niche users give it an average review of 4.4 stars. Los Angeles is the fifth safest large city in the nation. We also have a great microclimate that is cooler here on hot days elsewhere.. Read 13 reviews A+ Overall Niche Grade A+ 4 Niche users give it an average review of 4.3 stars. Irvine isn't just another safe neighborhood in Los Angeles. According to data, the median purchase price of a home in the area is $321,512, and the average rent is $1,237. This stunning community consists of an interesting mix of modern high-rise apartments, townhouses and garden cottages. Looking for resources to use for your next trip or move abroad?CLICK HEREfor my favorite travel and expat tools! Neighborhood watch program has met over the years to ensure the safety of civilians. >>> CLICK HERE FOR INFO. In Playa Vista, youll find a relatively quiet community nestled close to the beach. #86 Best Places to Live in Los Angeles Area. Download the Rent. Residents are friendly and content, enjoying the rural feel while being just outside the city. Its ok to drive through these areas or stop at popular sites, just exercise more caution and vigilance while here and try to avoid these areas at night. Some might think the only people who move to Los Angeles are those who want to break into the movie business. 4.43/5 (42) I have lived here for six years and am sad to leave it when I head to graduate school in Illinois. The name might be best remembered from some children of the 90s because of the cult classic movie Encino Man, but the neighborhood is actually one of the best spots to set up shop for anyone trying to settle down in L.A. According to FBI studies, Irvine has the lowest rate of violent crime per capita of any city in the nation with a population of 250,000 or more. While many of the citys neighborhoods are popular destinations for tourists, it is important to understand which areas are safest when visiting. These events extended to the non-Chinese residents and they too have been exposed to these festivities Read 6 reviews. Featured Review: Current Resident says Ive lived here for three years now and love it! This neighborhood sits just four miles northeast of Downtown LA, amid steep hills that lend an array of spectacular views. Location: North Los Angeles up in the ValleyCrime & Safety Score: BAverage Crime Rate (per 1,000): 13.8 | Violent Crime: 0.74 / Property Crime: 13.06, Median Home Cost: $1M-$2MAverage Rent for a 1-Bedroom Apartment: $1,700-$1,900. We've gone on the hunt and found some of the cheapest neighborhoods in Los Angeles that offer spectacular amenities while staying within budget. This neighborhood is 80 percent safer than others in Los Angeles. Another reason this neighborhood ranks so high is because of the housing. How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies: Effective Tips and Tricks. All in all, La Habra Heights is an inviting and safe place. This blog is meant to help you create your dream lifestyle through travel. Its largely residential and an affluent area, but on the Rolling Hills side, there is some shopping and entertainment. The area consists of primarily large properties and is a popular place for equestrians who enjoy miles of trails for their horses. Schools in La Habra Heights get top rankings with above-average performance, giving parents peace of mind when it comes to quality education. The area has traditional pagodas, as well as contemporary art galleries. Residents say the neighborhood is quiet because it consists of single people and couples, and not many kids live in the area. Long Beach, CA Driving distance from LA: 24 miles or 26 min Median rental price: $2,663/mo Walkability score: 73 out of 100 Tujunga ranks 52% better in livability than other areas in Los Angeles. Furthermore, I grew up knowing the same people, going to the same schools through middle school and high school. Check our listings for apartments for rent in Los Angeles that fit all your needs! According to statistics, the median purchase price of homes in the area is $495,900, with the average rent being $2,575. The neighborhood is ideal for retirees and families, with plenty of activities for all, including a trampoline park for the kids and a golf course for the grownups. I am quite in love with the area already, I am planning on staying here. I've lived here my entire life and have never had any problems with it, other than the staggering housing costs. There are several public schools in the area, and parents of Chinatown give the schools above-average ratings. Though it might not be a hot spot for tourists and nightlife, this California city does offer ample outdoor activities, such as beautiful hikes in the mountains. The average cost of rent in L.A. is $3,910 for a two-bedroom apartment. I recently went to a community event to paint a large mural along Overland Avenue where many of the local residents came out to help. The location is perfect. Koreatown (K-Town) Median 1-BR rent: $2,561 Median 2-BR rent: $3,449 Walk Score: 93/100 Spanning approximately 3 square miles, Koreatown (also known as K-Town) is a thriving neighborhood located along Wilshire Boulevard east of Western. Sandwiched by the Los Angeles Country Club across one street to the North, and Cheviot Hills Gold & Rec Center across the street of it's south border., coming home always feels like a nice respite from all the nearby attractions. Diversity is welcomed in the local community, which is a melting pot of cultures. Bordering Chinatown is Echo Park and Downtown L.A., and most commutes average five to 20 minutes depending on your mode of transportation. Over 80 percent of residents are renters, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from when searching for an apartment for rent in Crenshaw. I have lived here for six years and am sad to leave it when I head to graduate school in Illinois. A good mix of big and small businesses make Sawtelle a place that should be considered for those looking to move to the city. Despite this, I grew up in a close-knitted family who are well connected with our neighbors in this small neighborhood. Manhattan Beach has a 95 percent livability advantage over other Los Angeles neighborhoods. Long-time residents say they've seen a lot of positive outcomes since the neighborhood changed its name from Van Nuys to Valley Glen. Porter Ranch while always been upscale, has recently become a center for Toll Brother's new developments that cost prices you only see in Beverly Hills or Brentwood. Whether it be Mar Vista or Porter Ranch, lets take a look at the 10 safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.
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