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Your first look at Auntie Edna!

Although brief, this new look at the highly anticipated short film on the Incredibles 2 DVD is something of a throwback to “Jack-Jack Attack.” Unlike Kari the babysitter, Auntie Edna found inspiration in Jack-Jack’s powers. The memorable ending to the previous short had Kari seriously out of her depth, exhausted and relieved to hand the exploding baby over to someone else. In fact, Bob was suffering in a similar way when he discovered his son’s powers, and luckily Edna the babysitter came to the rescue. But as we see in the clip below (and as Edna herself hinted in the film), there was a bit of trial and error when she took on the heroic task of babysitting Jack-Jack.

“Auntie Edna” will feature more of Jack-Jack’s powers and more of the super bond between this powerful and tiny sized duo. We can’t wait to laugh and fall in love with them all over again!

You can see the brand new short when Incredibles 2 drops digitally on October 23rd and on Blu Ray November 6th. Preorder your copy at this link today.

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  1. Joe Shelby says:

    the basic story has been around as a kids book pretty much since the film came out, “Babysitting Mode”, and it is one of my kid’s favorites. She’s been hoping they’d animate it like JJA so November can’t come soon enough for her.

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