Academy Award 2013

I like it. Classy. Glamourous. It’s just like the Oscars!

I loved the custom Oscars for every winner in history. I like how he represented most of them.

I saw that poster on tumblr! Very brilliant.

This was on the front page of my newspaper the other day. I thought you all would find it interesting, as it focuses on animated films and who they think will win. (The award most personal here, since it’s JL’s neck of the woods).

I don’t know recognize many of the films, but that is a really amazing poster. :smiley:

Yes, they are awesome representations.

I’ve seen all Academy Awards Best Picture winners, from Wings to The Artist, and I loved how he represented most of them.

I have my reserves about some, mainly Crash, but even the author admitted that it was one of the hardest.

Thanks for sharing the article with us, EJE! I think with WIR and Brave under his belt, good ol’ JL’s got it covered!

This is a recent issue of 8 Days, an entertainment and lifestyle magazine in Singapore that I just had to buy cos’ it has the adorable Anne Hathaway as poor Fantine on the cover. Just look at her pleading eyes!

I’m with you all the way, dear Hathaway!

While I can’t say I’ve watched all the Academy nominees (thanks to the goshawful late cinema releases here), I would like to invite you, this Oscar night, to join me in a countdown of my top ten films of 2012. :slight_smile:

Congrats to Brave for picking up Best Animated!

It probably wouldn’t have been my first choice—but it is still a good choice! Also bravo to Paperman. :smiley:

TDIT: Lovely cover! I saw it on facebook. I’m so happy to see Anne come so far. I remember her from The Princess Diaries as a young (well younger) actress when I was growing up. Now, an Oscar winner.

This is good to keep in mind. On some other sites I’ve been on, people havae been almost toxic to Brave winning. While it wasn’t the greatest film ever, I still thought it was a fine film. And a lot of people put a lot of effort to the film (as with all the nominees). While it wasn’t my first choice either, I still extend congrats to Pixar.

So what was everyone’s thoughts? I am disappointed with Lincoln not getting Best Score or Best Picture. I was also surprised by Argo’s win, I thought it would be Life of Pi or Lincoln.

About Argo, I also think it lacked some Best Picture qualities (it only got to win two other Oscars!), but I wasn’t surprised at all that it won. It had become the obvious choice for a few weeks, but I was also wishing that they would surprise me with Lincoln or Life of Pi.

About Brave, it’s obvious it’s the greatest technical achievement in animation this year, but I think they should take the film as a whole, as any other. In that case, Wreck-It-Ralph was so superior, I feel bad for its creators. They put a lot of imagination on that film, something I don’t notice in Brave.

I suppose that I was surprised because in general, I hadn’t heard too much about Argo. I felt a bigger deal was made about Lincoln and Life of Pi.

I think that this is the simplest, butt most true and best of all the statements, made comparing Brave to WIR.

I do have to agree with that—Wreck-It Ralph exceeds Brave’s creativity in a way that struck me as more Oscar-worthy. But both movies are phenomenal and so were the other nominees, so I can’t say I’m too upset.

I’m not mad at Brave, or anything, but I feel bad for the WIR creators.

I think the kind of creativity invested in that film is very similar to that of Toy Story. In, fact, WIR, feels more like a Pixar film than Brave, which in fact feels like a Disney film with a few Dreamworks throwbacks.

I’m just totally bummed because I’ve been wanting Walt Disney Animation Studios to win an Oscar in this category! It’s been dominated by Pixar, and of course Dreamworks, Studio Ghibli, Aardman, and Nickelodeon has claimed the award once.I thought that if any year, this would be the year that Disney would have a chance at getting it.

The Oscars were pretty bleh for me. The awards were okay, none of them made me cry or anything. But the host was HORRIBLE. Granted, I didn’t expect him to be tasteful or witty at all. :imp:

^Agreed. It’s already sad to know that I think it was 77% of Academy Voters are male and women are minorities in the world of filming. But we live in a world where it’s okkay to sing a joke about seeing women’s boobs in movies. It comes as no surprise that would happen from Seth MacFarlane, an anti-feminist and renown misogynist. Making a fat joke about Adele on stage, and aforementioned song trivializing women’s roles as actresses down to what’s really important- their body and not their talent.

I’ve never like Seth, and his hosting this event made me not like him all the more.

It’s quite clear from the show Family Guy he hates everything but white, male Atheists. I can’t stand him. And Adele is PREGNANT. Sure, she’s husky anyway, but just like plump. She isn’t that big. Plus, doesn’t her being pregnant make any difference? I myself am not passionate enough to call myself a feminist. However, the jokes he had were just indecent, regardless of what they were about. If he’s single, I wonder if he wonders why. And I felt he was belittling and disrespectful to the films nominated as well. I find it ironic that they kept making jokes about him being the worst host ever, because IMO, he was.

I admittedly haven’t actually watched any of the Oscars myself, just heard what won and what didn’t—and Seth is largely the reason for that. I pretty much agree with what both of you have said; his humor is just too tasteless and insensitive for me, I can’t even tolerate it.

Exactly. Insensitive. To me, he represents the people who make cancer and progeria jokes. He makes my blood boil.

Like Robert Downey Jr. said when Rick Gervais hosted the Golden Globes (compared to him, McFarlane was a sweet person):

“I think it’s great to be funny, but it’s just better if you can do it without hurting people.”

That is a wonderful example. I don’t understand why we have to demean people to get a chuckle. Personally, it seemed to me that the audience wasn’t as entertained by him also. Did anyone else notice that?