back at it

Thats hilarious! Who else can you stick in there!


nubetre: I would really love it if you could do some Incredibles ones.

It would be really amusing to put Linguini in it ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it is ultimately up to nubetre, if he decides to do it again.

Haha, that’s hilarious! Awesome, nubetre!

Sorry been MIA for some time. Just moved into a new house (bit of a fixer upper) and I’ve got no TV or internet until Thursday, it feels like I’m in the 1970s or something. Right now, I’m currently on library Wi-Fi, but rest assured, I’ll make more photochops soon.

Sidenote: got a new (old) TV, it’s a 16:9 Panasonic Tau HD. Watched Incredibles DVD on it, and it’s just blinding. I think my next paycheck will go to a PS3, and Ratatouille on Blu-Ray, which will look amazing without a doubt. Don’t know how I’ll get work done though…

Incredibles next time

nubetre - A-ha! Oh, that’s great! I love the Linguini one, especially. :laughing:

– Mitch

He looks like, if he leans forward any more, he’s going to thunk his head on the windscreen. Hilarious, nubetre! :laughing:

lol! Keep up the good work! Nice car linguini!

Excellent nubetre. I can’t wait to see the Incredibles one. The Linguini one looks great too.

Haha, thanks for listening to me ! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s really a nice job. :smiley:

I love it! I love it! I love it! It is very clever to see Dash racing against his dad. I also find it cool how the car ob is driving is red. Nice work! My favorite so far.

Love your pics, nubetre! I’m a fan of cars (both the movie and the mode of transport itself), so this is right up my alley.
If you have listened to the Ratatouille soundtrack, there’s a track called “Remy Drives A Linguini.” I think we can substitute that with “…A Honda” for the title of your first pic. :smiley:
The second one’s cool, too. The Spider is one great-looking convertible.
And the third was brilliant with Dash racing Bob in his Ferrari.
Your avatar’s pretty awesome too! What model is that?
And I wonder why the title of your thread says, “Back at it.” Does this mean you have done previous photo-manips with other characters before?

Avatar’s my Hyundai Accent 1.6.

Yeah, I’ve been doing this for a bit. You can see older ones in these threads: Remy's DS


Wow! I love the Mr.Incredible/Dash one.

Really nice ! I liked the idea of making Dash race against the car, and also that the car is red… :stuck_out_tongue: