Bryko's Fan Art

I’m surprised I didn’t make a thread for my art already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of my stuff is at

Here’s my newest art, a wallpaper I just made. I’m also working on a piece of Up fan art which I’ll post in a couple of days.

:open_mouth: That wallpaper is incredible; very creative.

Wow, Bryko, your drawings look good! One question, though… what is the line one representing?

To Snipe if you look closely the lines represent main pixar characters.

Oh… wow! That’s really creative, Bryko! :wink:

As I’ve mentioned on dA, hooray for minimalism! :smiley:

I love fan art that is just great and interesting as art in itself :wink: Wonderful job.

Wow! Sully and Remy look so good in that wall paper you made.

Who is the last character though? I am having a difficult time figuring it out.

It’s Carl Fredricksen. :wink:

Snipe: Oh yes, I see it in the chin. Is he wearing a hat? I think the hat through me off.

No, I think that’s his hair.

Oh, well if it is hair, may I make a reccomendation? I think it would look even better if your rounded out the top of Carl’s head just a bit more, similar to the way you depicted Sully.

Thanks, everyone. :smiley:

love70ways: I agree, that might make it better. I plan to make a revised version sometimes with a couple of changes, including your recommendation and the removal of the back half of Remy (for consistency). Not sure when I’ll get to it, though.

Here’s Dug. Kind of sucks, but I wanted to get some stuff in my DA and prove that I’m not dead. … -180583354

Oh and that Up fanart I was talking about in the first post, I’ll finish it eventually.

I like the Dug. My favorite is the profiles of each protagonist, though. I love that one!!

And now for a picture I actually put effort into. Not technically Pixar related, but I’m not making a whole thread for my non-Pixar fan art.

I love these. You’ve made a TON of improvement recently, I especially like the latest from The Iron Giant… that guy’s always reminded me of my dad’s friend. :laughing: Keep it up!

LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! :smiley:

I love The Iron Giant, this is a funny piece. :slight_smile: And Dug! Well, I would criticise that you didn’t shade him, but the pencil lines are simple and elegant.

What program did you use, and how did you get those cell-shading colouring?

TDIT: I used Photoshop CS5. To do the shading on Dean I made a low-opacity layer and painted over with black and other dark colors, so it would just make the basic coloring a little darker. Works better than picking out colors IMO, and makes adjustments easier.