Doctor Who (Classic and New Series)

Well it was blown out of proportion imo 8D
I’m intrigued now! How much British telly do you get? I’ve heard that Top Gear, Merlin, Being Human, The Office and Spooks/MI5 (I’ve actually basically just listed my favourite shows 8D ) are fairly popular. Is this true somewhat? And is there anything else British thats big?
Tbh, I find US telly to be better generally. I love Law & Order: SVU, been watching that for years 8D . And I like The Big Bang Theory, Smallville, Six Feet Under and Curb Your Enthusiasm :slight_smile:
Sorry for being geeky!

I’ve been to The Cake Boss’s shop in New Jersey.

^^WOW! That’s so cool! :smiley:

Haha, yeah. I never watch the show, so I didn’t know much about it, but the line for the shop went down the street and around the block.

I’ve never seen this show, but I have a question. What does everyone mean by 10th doctor or 11th doctor? Do they randomly switch out main characters in the middle of the show? I figured that it would be about the same doctor the whole time.

The Doctor is the same character/the same person. He’s a Time Lord, which is a species of alien that’s very similar to humans. But Time Lords don’t die, they “regenerate.” Every single cell in the Doctor’s body is replaced with something new. So his body completely changes during regeneration. That’s what people mean by 10th or 11th Doctor- the 10th incarnation vs. the 11th incarnation. He’s essentially the same person, but each Doctor emphasizes different aspects of him and his quirks. Aspects of older Doctors will show up in newer ones. I guess it’s kind of how actors can take the same character and script and interpret them in totally different ways. It’s just different interpretations of the same character.

They don’t change them often, it’s not just this random thing that happens. Usually only happens when the actor wants to leave. Sometimes they’ll tease a regeneration for suspense and it doesn’t happen. It’s a big deal, changing Doctors, so audiences usually know about it way before an episode airs.

Honestly, it probably started out as a convenient way to switch out actors, but it’s allowed the show to grow and change and survive for almost 50 years. Just when the show gets dull, another actor comes in with a completely fresh perspective of the Doctor. It seems confusing, but once you watch the show, it works. I hope that made sense :smiley:

Thank you for explaining. I understand now! :slight_smile:

Over the past month or so I’ve started watching Dr. Who. I’ve only see the first four episodes of the new Season One, but I love it so far! It can be a bit cheesy at times though.

Yeah, Season 1’s got its cheesy moments. I guess it’s part of being a science fiction show. You get really awesome episodes that blow your mind, and meh filler episodes with oodles of cheese. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it, though!

In my opinion, New Who just keeps getting better. Eccleston was okay, but Tennant was awesome, and now I love Matt Smith. Russell Davies, the guy who brought Who back to life, was the executive producer until Tennant left, and now they have another guy, Steven Moffat. I tend to prefer Moffat’s writing. I feel like the show makes more sense with him in charge, and there hasn’t been a painful episode yet. By painful, I mean nonsensical or just plain bad. Like the ones with Slitheen, which I believe you’ve already encountered. Farting, fake-looking green aliens. Oh boy.

Have you gotten to the London Blitz one yet? I don’t remember which one that was in season 1, but it’s awesome. Kind of nightmare-inducing, but awesome. Moffat wrote that one too :smiley:

Yeah, the Slitheen were… bleh.

I haven’t seen London Blitz yet. I’ve only seen up to Aliens of London. But I’m looking forward to hearing that one now. :slight_smile:

Matt Smith… :smiley: :-D)

SO excited for tonights finale! I want Amy back though!

I was completely rabid after the finale. Oh my goodness! Moffat is so clever. I was totally expecting to see the flesh Doctor again, but the use of the [spoil]Teselecta instead[/spoil] was a nice twist. And the [spoil]wedding[/spoil]! We’ll have to see if this counts or not, since [spoil]it wasn’t technically the Doctor who got married.[/spoil]

And the question! Also very clever. Can’t wait to see where this goes, but the whole “the eleventh will fall thing” leads me to believe we won’t find out until Matt’s run is over D:

Karen and Arthur are signed on for next season, as far as I know, so they’d better be there :confused:

What did you think of it? People seem to be either very for the events that transpired or very against them.

Just started watching a few weeks ago, and have finished season 1. This is now my favorite show! Can’t say I’m a big fan of Rose, though. I came into it already a strong River/Doctor shipper and have been keeping up with the storyline. I haven’t seen TWoRS, but I watched the [spoil]wedding scene[/spoil] and loved it! Even though I wonder about the validity of it, remember that [spoil]in Silence in the Library River knows his name, so at one point he has to tell her. I’m pretty sure he can’t tell anyone except his wife.[/spoil]

I really hope River’s still there in season 7. I would love to have some [spoil]simple, spouse-y banter between them without all the crazy timeline drama, especially since the Doctor implies at the end of the finale that he visits her quite often. “Her days yes, her nights, well…that’s between me and her, ay?” :laughing:[/spoil] I’ve heard that Jack Harkness is coming back, and I’d LOVE if he did! Jack and River in the same episode? Innuendo squad indeed! :smiley:

Rose’s character gets more bearable in series 2. I’m not a huge fan of the first season in general. You know, I don’t mind Rose and Ten, but then, you haven’t seen them yet. I’m not one of these vehement Ten/Rose shippers though. There’s quite a rabid fanbase where they’re concerned. I do enjoy River/Doctor significantly more, however :smiley:

River better be there next season. I think she will. I mean, their relationship is implied to be much deeper than what we’ve seen thus far. But, as you say, she has to come back again for [spoil]him to tell her his name.[/spoil]

I didn’t hear about Jack! If Jack and River are in the same episode, I might just have a breakdown. He would make the whole Pond family situation far more interesting, that’s for sure :wink: And he and River would make the Doctor so uncomfortable.

pfft I just saw this reblogged on Tumblr and it is highly related to this conversation.

This is how it would then go down:
“Captain Jack Harkness. You are?”
“Amy. Amy Pond.”
“Well, hello, Amy Pond.”
Rory just comes in. “Hello. Rory. Husband.”
“Yes. Husband. Is that a problem?”
Jack eyes Rory up and down. “Not at all.”


I’ve seen Rose and Ten now, and they’re okay, I guess. Can’t say I’m a huge fan, though. I guess it just bugs me how we hear them talk up how AMAZING and CLEVER Rose is but we almost never get to see her all that AMAZING or CLEVER. I mean, River has her Sue-ish traits but at least she actually does cool stuff. And ugh, I’ve seen those crazy Ten/Rose shippers. They gave me Hamerons and Harmonians flashbacks…:shake: Its like they can’t comprehend how it is, in fact, possible to fall in love with someone else after years past seeing your so-called TWO LUV.

BUT OH YES JACK+POND FAMILY HAS TO HAPPEN. Just imagine how he’d react to finding out that River is the Doctor’s wife!

I do agree that Rose is not what she’s hyped up to be. I just don’t mind the Doctor having other interests/relationships at other points in his life. I think he and River are more equal, so to speak. River challenges him more than Rose. I don’t think it’s at all bad for the Doctor’s ego if someone knows more than he does.

HARMONIANS. NOOO. I would fight with one of my friends all the time in middle school about whether it would be Ron and Hermione or Harry and Hermione. She won’t go on MuggleNet to this day because of Emerson’s comments 8D

I’ve recently been converted to this fandom! I am still new to it, but I enjoy watching it a lot! So much love for 10!

I’ll tell you that ever since I saw that painting of the exploding Tardis in Sissy and Craig’s guest room up at their house in Eastlake, I’ve been wanting to watch this show–and now that I’ve rented it from the library and watched it not too long ago, I’m already liking it!

Well, what do you know? My new favorite Sci-Fi series. (Geez, I’ve been getting into a lot of Sci-Fi lately…)