Dug's Special Mission

I did see it, and it was absurdly hilarious. That’s all I’ll say until the rest of you see it. Not too long really. :smiley:


Would the clip happen to be anywhere else?

This computer can’t display the video due to an older Flash Player, and I don’t have Administrative Rights to update.

Speak for yourself, Haunt. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I am tempted to watch the preview, I think I’ll wait until the DVD is released. I am very curious as to what exactly Dug’s ‘special mission’ is, though.

Oh, my gosh, I was laughing out loud at the clip! Dug is so adorable. I hadn’t thought about it, but ffdude’s comment about the plot inconsistency is right. [spoil]Although - ok, correct me if I’m misremembering, but Muntz reacts to Alpha’s funny voice as if it’s happened before - oh, it’s that loose wire again - although maybe Alpha’s collar malfunctions have been different before, wrong language, slowed-down speech, etc., and the squeaky voice is a new one.[/spoil]

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out karly, I did remember that, but probably should have posted it. Regardless, I think it’s excusable for the most part, it’s a comical thing, no biggie. :wink:

LOL, this is the fun of seeing the movie something like 8 or 50 times: The filmmakers [spoil]give Alpha his squeaky voice in the short because it’s a funny gag (and casual viewers probably expect it), but then the serious fans realize that (as ffdude points out) Alpha shouldn’t have the squeaky voice in the short, because Dug and the others reacted to it later in the timeline as if they hadn’t heard it before. Then we get to make up explanations for why Muntz knows the collar has been malfunctioning but the other dogs haven’t heard Alpha’s funny voice till now.[/spoil] It’s stuff like this that makes Fandom fun! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget being a nerd! :stuck_out_tongue: I actually mentioned the inconsistency to Ronnie Del Carmen, who actually directed the short, I think he might have been a bit put off by it O.o but he never responded. Then again, not too many Pixarians have been responding to me too often, but a few do every once in a while (and it’s awesome! :smiley: )

But yeah, some people look at us about this stuff and are like “what a nerd, who cares!” I’m just like, whatever, miss out on the nerd-fun. It’s more fun without those people anyway! :smiley:

So, I wonder what other hilarity shall ensue for Dug and the pack,… Hmmm,…

I like your philosophy. :slight_smile: Actually, that would make a great sig line!

Just thought I’d say that it’ll be hard for you guys to find disappointment with this short, it has a very sweet “Awwwww” ending.

This was so cute… and a lot more “awwww” than I expected, even after what Mykonos_Fan said. Dug is so lovable, they really could just keep going with more shorts built around him.

Dug’s Special Mission was such an adorable little short film. It seemed shorter than most Pixar shorts, but I’m sure it will have most people going “awww” over Dug’s utter innocence.

I loved this short! It’s pretty short, I agree, but great nonetheless. There’s some stuff in there I didn’t expect, but I agree with DisneyGuy, it really shows how incredibly innocent and lovable Dug is, it’s super adorable. Props to Ronnie for this short. I like how the end fits with the movie too. Very cool.

I hope they make another short with Dug to explain [spoil]if anything eventful happened after Dug left Carl. This was right after Kevin was kidnapped, where Carl snaps at Dug.[/spoil]

When I first watched up, I was a little confused when the alpha dog was talking about Dug and his “special mission” and “being very occupied, very occupied indeed, haha…”. Then when the movie was over, I clicked on the bonus features and watched the short of Dug. Then I was like, AH HA! That’s what it was about! I’m glad Pixar fills in most of those fender-itching details.

My view on the little inconsistency (Spoiler tagged)

My guess with Alpha’s voice being squeaky during the short and the dogs not noticing it could be that the the other dogs didn’t really register it. After all, they are dogs and while they may be good, they could’ve just have not noticed Alpha’s voice until that moment in the movie, while Muntz could’ve been aware of it most of the time.

What that makes me think of is the dog behaviorist talking in the Blu-Ray featurette about the (retriever-type) dog having no short term memory - he was just in the garden yesterday, and today it’s like he’s never seen it before! Maybe [spoil]“Hey, Alpha, your voice sounds funny!”[/spoil] is one of those jokes that just never gets old. :wink:

I thought it was a bit to short for me, but it was funny and the animation was good. So I liked it but not my favorite Pxar short.

I personally found it to be the most lacking of the Pixar shorts. I enjoyed it, but I guess the execution wasn’t that original.

But the ending where [spoil]Dug sees that his birthday wish came true[/spoil] just always tug at my heartstrings.

This short is sweet because Dug is so adorable. :slight_smile: I loved the ending best of all. And it explains why other dogs treat Dug like dirt and why Dug wants a master when he already has one. Also, I’ve always loved stories from other’s perspective.

Both me and my sister found it strangely heartwarming. Especially when Dug says “this has been a bad birthday”. :frowning: