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It looks good Al-Bob.

Thanks…it is much more smaller…i’ll look at doing more edits like text size and italics next update.

Very well then. And you’re welcome. :wink:

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Toy Story 3

I have fanfics, but I post them through

I’m just starting a WALL-E fic, which has no name as of yet, but here it is:


No-name WALL-E fic

Robot Tales
A series of unrelated WALL-E fanfics.

Thanks guys…update coming up soon…

Version 1.2 is officially up…

Oh wow, Al-Bob! The new version looks really nice… and it’s pretty neat to see my name up there. :wink: lol… Like I said, a name for my fanfic is on the way. Could I just PM that to you when I think of one, so you can update the page later??

little chef

That looks great, Al-Bob! It’s very neat and tidy, and so easy to use. Is it okay if I submit one of my stories to put up here too? I wasn’t sure if I should, since it won’t be updated very often, but I think I’m finding more inspiration to write lately.

Swallow, a WALL-E fanfiction.

Thanks very much!

oh yes…i totally forgot about you LizardGirl…man. I even told myself to just put you in…Version 1.3 coming up soon.

Thanks guys…

Version 1.3 is up…New writer [lizardgirl], updated stories…

Version 1.4 is up…New Author (NetBug009)…New Story (Walle Oneshot: The Engineer)

Updated Stories…

Hey Al-Bob. I finished my TI: Syndrome’s return story.

[b]Version 1.5 Up…

TSS-Incredibles 2 Syndromes Revenge-Completed
BDD-Finding Nemo’s Sister-The highly anticipated 13th chapter is Up…[/b]

[b]Version 1.6 is up…

Boy do i love this update…
I went ahead and installed (added) a reviewed stories section that will display reviews of completed stories for all to see. Now, if looking at authors and names isn’t enough you can see what other users thought and rated certain stories…

i also updated many stories and some extra tweaks…ENJOY!!![/b]

Gah… I hate to update right when you get the new version up, but I just posted up my newest WALL•E fanfic, Higher Calling, and it is almost completed. (It is a shorter fanfic.) I apologize for any inconveniences. :blush:

little chef

no no no…the sooner you guys tell me to update the faster and more efficiently this index will be kept.

Your new story sounds great…can’t wait to read it.

Some updates for you, Al-Bob…

Psyche OS X - Chapter Six up

Higher Calling - Completed

If you don’t mind, do you think I could add a brief summary to my entries on the main fanfic index page? If I remember right, I think some of the others have something like that… :confused:

Thank you! :smiley:
little chef