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Hey Al-Bob. I finished my TI: Syndrome’s return story.

[b]Version 1.5 Up…

TSS-Incredibles 2 Syndromes Revenge-Completed
BDD-Finding Nemo’s Sister-The highly anticipated 13th chapter is Up…[/b]

[b]Version 1.6 is up…

Boy do i love this update…
I went ahead and installed (added) a reviewed stories section that will display reviews of completed stories for all to see. Now, if looking at authors and names isn’t enough you can see what other users thought and rated certain stories…

i also updated many stories and some extra tweaks…ENJOY!!![/b]

Gah… I hate to update right when you get the new version up, but I just posted up my newest WALL•E fanfic, Higher Calling, and it is almost completed. (It is a shorter fanfic.) I apologize for any inconveniences. :blush:

little chef

no no no…the sooner you guys tell me to update the faster and more efficiently this index will be kept.

Your new story sounds great…can’t wait to read it.

Some updates for you, Al-Bob…

Psyche OS X - Chapter Six up

Higher Calling - Completed

If you don’t mind, do you think I could add a brief summary to my entries on the main fanfic index page? If I remember right, I think some of the others have something like that… :confused:

Thank you! :smiley:
little chef

you may do a brief summary if you want too…sometimes i think it is better then just the title.

Ok then, I’ll write some little something up and PM it to you. I’m picky, so I’ll want the wording just so. :wink: Thank you much!

little chef

Apologizing for the double post ahead of time…

Al-Bob: A month or so ago, I wrote up nine one-shots based on the first 10 songs that played on my iPod (something many others have been doing), and I have gotten absolutely no replies. I’m not really sure why, but I’ll have you add it to the list of fanfiction if that’s all right.

Here’s the link:
10-Song Shuffle - One-Shots by little chef

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

little chef

Absolutely…i’ve been a little busy now that spring break is over…i’ll update the index soon.

Okay, update tonight…i’ll get the new stories and new authors enthroned onto our ever growing list. Plus i will see about a new section that will go in front of it all to give more variety.

It will require some input from you guys to make it sincere…so stick around…updates coming.

[b]The update has arrived!

it includes;

4 New Authors
9 New Stories
and an all new section that members like you will be able to participate in.

This new section will be called

The Best of Pixar Fan Fictions[/b]

In this section 1 story from every pixar film will be given as the #1 that pixar Planet has to offer. This story will be considered the #1 of all of its kind. This means that there will be a hot battle for The Incredibles and also for Walle.

Users will be able to nominate (just like we did for the awards) for their favorite story from each pixar film. This way every single category will have its best representative.

What do you guys think?? Would this help??

Edited. I combined both of your posts. – Mitch

Well, i kinda like the idea for an awards for fanfiction, but at the same time, I don’t like it. People post fanfics up here for member’s reading pleasure, not to see whos the best.

No not awards…just recognition as possible the best fan fiction of that particular movie on Pixar Planet. There would be no awards going with it.

Just the ability to know that people recognize your hard work as a good representation of what a Pixar fanfiction would look like.

Sorry for the double post but i’m logging off really soon…

TSS-if you would like to go into detail and have a discussion about this topic just PM me…that way we won’t clog the board here about that idea.

Edited. I combined both of your posts. – Mitch

Aww, sweet!! I saw my name!! I’m-a finally being a-recognized!!! Woot!! By the way, READ MY FANFIC!!!

Dan*E- :smiley:…yep. Your on…hope you like it.

Thanks, I do. But, um, you might have to change Dan*E to BURN-E because I just got locked out of that account and had to make this BURN-E one. Sorry. :blush:


Alright…version 2.1 is ready.

We know have 44 stories for 20 writers…the average writer now has about 2 stories either completed or in the works.

We also have 3 new writers now at the bottom as well as 6 new stories.

Hopefully we will have some stories become completed soon and we will fit those in the completed story reviews section at the top of the index.

AUTO-Biography: Chapter ten completed.

Okay, Version 2.2 up…hopefully there won’t be as many new writers as there were from my departure…that was a lot of coding. Phew…anyhow it still looks good although its starting to get a little disorganized…thinking about generic tabs to keep up with the different pixar films…instead of by writer…