Favorite singers

Eh, that’s true, actually. :laughing: Well, I can understand the appeal, anyway. People like Gaga, Morrison and Plant are super good though!!

I haven’t heard of Morrison or Plant before. And I’m not really a fan of Gaga (to put it generously)

Jim Morrison was the lead singer of The Doors, a 60’s rock band. And I’m a tiny bit surprised you’ve never heard of Robert Plant! He’s the singer of Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir, etc) and he pretty much pioneered metal vocals!

Hmmm, how interesting. I know the Band led zeppline, but I’ve never known the band’s names.

Lea Salonga, Michael Jackson, Toby Keith, Kenny CHesney…I don’t have a full list out.

Not a full list, but still great names. I love Lea Solonga. I have to admit that her voice is so recognizable for me. (Not to mention Philipino Power,) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if this is unrelated, but I’m creeped out that the URL for this page contains “666”. 8D

^ 8D lol, I just noticed that too. That’s a little bit creepy :smiley:

Did Lea Salonga sing Reflection in Mulan? I love that voice, I’m going to have to look into her music a little more now!

She did! She also was Jasmine’s singing voice in Aladdin.

Here’s her singing from A Chorus Line - youtube.com/watch?v=LdY-IZoIGHA

TDIT- Yay! Another fan! I love her in Miss Saigon the most. My youth group leader has met her a few times, lucky duck!

lucky EJE. I would love to meet her. I think her voice is amazing.

Leonarddonald has the best list on this thread. Period. 8D

Yes, it is quite good! There’s only one singer on there I don’t particularly care for, even still I don’t hate them.

I really love the singer Amy Lee of Evanescence

^Agreed, her voice is fantastically unique.

And her songs, even though dark, has such emotion and power in them.

My favorite singers are:
Robert Plant
John Lennon
Elvis Presley
Frank Sinatra
Paul Mccartney
Roger Daltrey
Chris Cornell (his Soundgarden and Audioslave stuff.)
Eddie Vedder
Ringo Starr
George Harrison
Roland Orzabal
Joey Tempest
Jon Bon Jovi
Freddie Mercury
Yes, I know that there are no female singers, but I just haven’t heard any that I would put as one of my favorite singers.
Edit: I added Joey Tempest, Freddie Mercury and Jon Bon Jovi.

did i post here before??

my favorite singers are:

-Mat Kearney
-O.C. Supertones
-Jon Foreman
-Owl City
-Jack Johnson

Uhhhhhhhhh ummm i think that’s it, but i’m sure there’s a lot more!! :smiley:

Oh gosh, this is such a good list. And that’s ok, I can think of very few female singers I like, to be honest.

Thanks Leirin.

My two favorite female singers are both Broadway stars: Lea Salonga & Nikki M. James.