Hello Fellow Pixar Fanatics


Hello all, I’m new around here and I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Rick, I live in the UK and i’m currently waiting for a reply from Uni about my Film and Television production course. Fingers crossed.

We are all here for one reason, Pixar. They are amazing, and have produced not only my favourite animation films, but some of my favourite film of all time.

I have allways dreamed of working at pixar, and who knows that may very well happen in the future. With any hope. I see myself as a good artist, and a story artist position would be second for me to being a film director.

Hopefully either happen for me, not so easy when you are from the UK, especially in a small town out of the way.

well enough droning on, I’m M.O and I look forward to our future discussions.

Welcome to Pixar Planet M.O. Wow, we do have a lot of MOs here on the forums have we? Anyways M.O, we do have a introduction thread located here.

Hii, My Name Is. . .

Feel free to introduce yourself there. I look forward to seeing you on the boards,