I'm back.

Hey guys I’m back, just won’t be on as much though. I have been really busy with life. I’ve missed be here. I’;m glad Radio Pixar is up and running again.

Up was really something special. I got to see over a month ago at the early Austin Screening. I got to meet Pete Doctor and Pete Sohn! I saw it again to day in 3-D and it blew me away again.

  • JV is TIZ!!!

Hellos. I’m not sure if you would know me, but it’s always nice to see an old member returning.

Welcome back, JV! It’s weird…Less than a week ago, Gasduude showed up after a long absence, and then you show up. I guess the release of Pixar films brings everyone back together. :stuck_out_tongue:

JV is back! Another returning member! It’s quite pleasant to see you again.

I’m gonna lock this up now, but feel free to reintroduce yourself here JV.

Hi, My Name Is