To all Pixar Planet members,

It has come to my (and a fellow member’s) attention that there has been some useage of curse words on the forums. This is just a friendly reminder for all of you members to not swear/curse. Remember that we try to keep the PIxar Planet forums a family friendly site.

There is only one exception that I know of: the word hell. If used in context as, For instance, when Lightning says “I’m in Hillbilly hell!”, then that’s appropriate. But anything else will be editted.

Thanks a lot. Happy posting.


Take heed of TSS’ advice, people. Remember to keep these forums family-friendly. There’s enough rude stuff as it is on the Internet and we don’t need that here. :slight_smile:

Phileas has posted a helpful ‘level’ guideline that I’ll share with you guys (I hope you don’t mind, Phileas, but I think it’s really useful):

"Level 3: Words such as crap, damn, and stupid. Please edit them to use more family-friendly “curse words” such as dang or crud if it seems to be a problem, but it’s not a call for an edit generally. Users do not need a warning if they use this level of profanity on occassion, but repeat offenders should be treated a la Level 2.

Level 2: Profanities attributed to assulting someone, such as idiot. These should be censored, and if it is used repeatedly, then disiplinary action should be taken.

Level 1: Mature profanity. You know, those ones. These are totally untolerated and action should be taken to both censor the profanity and the user, such as if the user uses it again, then it is a call for a ban."

We are serious about this, so try to keep the language at most a PG level. If you really want to use an interjection to vent your frustrations on something or someone (who is hopefully not a forum member or related to any), choose a kid-friendly substitute.

Ex: heck, darn, ‘in the world’, ‘on earth’, silly, jerk, creep, etc.

I’m aware there’s lotsa Christians on this board too, so try not to use the God’s word in vain if possible. “Chrysler” is a fun alternative I took from Cars. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t use that word in front of your parents, you shouldn’t be saying it here. :wink:

^It’s a reminder not to use bad language on the boards, robertthompsonseo :slight_smile:
I know I have done in the past, so thanks for the reminder.

I think robertthompsonseo is a spammer. Obviously, he didn’t read the posts before his to know that this is a reminder about language.

Oh, okay then! 8D