Leaving Pixar Planet

I just feel it’s really lonely around here…plus, no one really talks to me unless I join a forum…

…also, I keep forgetting that I have an account here in the first place, which makes it kinda moot :-\ .

Oh, man. So much people leaving. Well, I will miss you, we didn’t talk much but we had good time’s. If you ever feel the need to talk us again, you know will to go. Were miss you. Bye.

I’m sorry…Pixar is still in my heart, though. :cry: …and why is everyone leaving?

Not sure, Mabey the same reason you are.

Yeah…we’ve finally grown up…like Andy. :wink: I’ll miss you guys…I love you. :cry:

Oh great, another awkward moment… i just said welcome back on another thread… when your leaving… so anywho… we’ll miss you!

-hugs you, gives you a picture of Andy as consolation- What thread?http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101006040450/pixar/images/9/97/Picture_35.png

Aww, we’ll miss you!! :frowning: You were a good poster.

SullyMike, I felt the same way as you for quite a while around here. I’m not sure how involved you’ve tried to get in discussions here, but when you try and engage in a lot of the different topics, people are more likely to notice you and get to know you better. :slight_smile:

I’d be sad to see to leave for good, even though I haven’t been back here long enough to get to know you better. Personally, I’d encourage you to stick around and get more involved, but if you think that’s the best thing for you to do, then no one is stopping you.

little chef

Thanks…little chef. My special little chef. :smiley: I don’t know why, but it just might be that we’re busy, we completely forget about PP after a while, or like me, we’re significantly shrinking in involvement. I don’t know…but I am actually kinda meh about the decision. On the one hand, I might make new friends, on the other, I’ll be too insane to hang around, and everyone’ll get sick of me. :wink:

Even though I never really got a chance to know you very well, I’ll still miss you. I wish you the best, and maybe we’ll meet again someday. :wink:


Hey SullyMike. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk that often. But you will be missed here. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. And should you decide to come back, wee’ll welcome you with open arms.

okay… :-\

If it makes you feel better, SullyMike, I’m going through the exact same thing as you where feeling lonely is concerned. :neutral_face:

Oh? Want to be my friend?

Sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks…just send me a message, kay? 8D I never got any…

Here’s the thing. We already have a thread for Introductions, Announcing you’re back or that you’re leaving.

And here it is for future reference. The "Introduction/I'm Back" Thread

Locking up now.