Maggie's art

You drew these? Man, you have talent! Nice work!


Well, if I haven’t drawn those, I wouldn’t have posted them! ;-p

Wowie – those are great! You sure have the skill for

drawing automobiles, and they look hard to draw! :wink:

And cool! I look forward to that Remy sketch. :slight_smile:

Well, with practise, you can always get there :wink:

Maggie - Heheh – yep, that’s for sure. Practice makes perfect. :wink:

Keep up

the good work! :smiley:

You’re creating quite a buzz!

And for good reason, your work is wonderful! Very, good Maggie!

Thanks, Gasduude! :smiley:

Here’s more Linguini:

EDIT, August 17th, 2007: Finally, I’ve got a scanner, and I’m replacing all the images I’ve shown so far. This is the better resolution one: :wink:



Good stuff as always. Heh. Could you draw Geri from the short film?

I don’t know, Bill… I mean, look at me!

I’ve got tons of school work to do :`-(
But when I get the chance, I’ll do it! :wink:

Maggie - Nice

Linguini drawing you did there! Great job. :smiley:

You always find such cool emotics – heheh. And I hear ya’

on the schoolwork thing. :unamused:


schoolwork… I have a lot to do as well, but it’s not due for awhile.

Linguini and lightning look marvelous! I can tell that you are an extremely gifted artist. Keep up the good


Very nice artwork,

there! You’ve really caught all of the characters’ looks, and your Cars pictures are especially good! :smiley:

Thanks for

the compliments! I always think that my drawings are nothing special, but I guess you guys really liked them, so

thank you! :smiley:

This is a Lightning McQueen that I drew and started painting some months ago, but I’ve

never finished it! :blush: I promise that when I have time I’ll finish painting it and show it to you! :wink:

He looks so real I love how he looks great drawing Maggie!!! :smiley:

Even in a

“half-sketched” mode he looks really good! I love the detail that you did do on the tires – marvelous!

Keep up the good work. :wink:

Yeah, the tires do look very good! I’d love to see this one completed. :smiley:

This looks so

well done! Can’t wait to see the finished version. :smiley:

Maggoe: Lightning looks really really good! I must say,

what a beamer he is. But of course, you drew him, so every praise from me must go to you.

Nice job!

I love seeing pictures of Linguini and your cars are amazing. :smiley: