New member from England.

Ay up,

I’m Dodd, I’m 15 and I live in sunny Surrey.

Errrm…I never really know what to put here.

Always been a big Pixar/Disney fan, so I thought I’d join here. The community seems pretty cool here too.

Other interests are mostly gaming(playing through the kingdom Hearts games in order atm), watching films (big fan of Edgar Wright, Hayao Miyazaki and Sam Raimi, also watch quite a bit of horror) and listening to music/going to gigs.

So yeah…Hey :smiley:

Welcome to PIxart Planet. Glad you introduced yourself. But please feel free to do so again in a more proper thread for you.

[url]The "Introduction/I'm Back" Thread]

Have fun on Pixar Planet dude! Locking up now.