Pixar Fan Commentaries

TSS - I want to hear your commentary on TI but I’d also like to have you in a group commentary for the same film. Before doing an independent commentary, could you wait until we see if a TI group commentary works out?

I’ll try, but won’t I need something like skype to do it?

Yes, you’ll need skype (or something like it, I’m open to alternatives). It’s a free download and skype to skype calls are free so you can try it out whenever you want.

Very well. Once you guys have set something up, I’ll download it.

qxgnxamy - What an interesting and intriguing idea! :smiley:

I would love to participate in something like this, but, unfortunately, I would probably need someone to help me out in setting up the process set-by-step. I know absolutely squat-dudely about beta testing, setting up microphones for recording, timing the DVDs just right, etc… I’d need some assistance since I’m technically-challenged. (chuckle)

It does sound like a fun project to undertake, nevertheless. I appreciate your comments, by the way, A113 and rachel. Ratatouille is definitely the film I’d love to commentate on, although I’d have to get past the “shyness” factor first. Plus, the only time I ever commentate on any film is when I’m with my sister, and during those times we just pick a character in the film and commentate as if we were that character. It’s more goofing off than anything. :laughing:

Plus, I wouldn’t want to bore you guys with my “gushing-over-Ratatouille” syndrome. (snigger)

– Mitch

That’s why you’re so likeable, Mitch. I’m often randumb, which is annoying, but you’re random, which is awesome.

But if you’re shy, i understand…i mean, i “understand”. :laughing:

By the way, if anyone’s interested in doing a non-audio “commentary”, contact me.

A113 - Ha! Oh no, you’re not “randumb” at all! I think that you’d be a great addition to the team. The more fans the better. :wink:

Heheh. Thanks. And yeah, “introvertedness” is a curse. (snigger)

– Mitch

I can start on a solo TI commentary right now, or do you all want me to wait until we can plan something together?

Mitch - We’re not entirely sure how we are going to technically record it, but we’ll try to make it as simple as possible. Don’t worry about being shy, I’m exactly the same and it wouldn’t be as if you were talking to random people, we’re Pixar fans just like you. And Pixar fans are friendlier than the average joe. It’s scientifically proven. Just do some research on Ratatouille and you’ll be fine. :wink:

The thing you do with your sister sounds hilarious. :laughing: And I don’t think it would be possible to bore Pixar fans, especially when you’re talking about something Pixar-related. Heh.

A113 - Yeah, you’re random but it spices up this place. =) And the more people the better, like Mitch said. If you bring the same amount of energy to the commentary as you do the forums, you’d be great to listen to. How would a non-audio commentary work, just out of interest?

TSS - You can upload a single commentary if you want. I would love to listen to it. I wouldn’t recommend everyone recording single commentaries, though, since the whole idea is to do a group commentary, but I’m not here to tell people what to do, so… But upload away. =)

I’ll start recording one when ever I can. If you do get a group commentary going, tell me about it and I’ll if I can work it out.

rachel - Mmm. Righty-ho then. I’ll await further information on the subject, as far as the technical aspect of things go.

Ha-ha. You do have a point there! I feel much more comfortable talking to you guys than to various people outside of my family (ie., my class mates in college), plus, we won’t be able to see one another while recording anyway so I suppose that that will lessen the tension a bit. Eheh.

Heheh. Thanks, dude! We’re a goofy pair. (snigger)

– Mitch

Rachel: Aww, thanks. :slight_smile:

Do you remember Pop-Up Video? Something like that. Of course, it’s not as good as audio, but i think it’s worth a shot.

Um…huh? :confused:

A113: Well, here in this thread, we are trying to see if we can get a group commentary for fun.

Mitch - We probably will start figuring out how to exactly synch up our DVDs when we get enough people on board, so hold tight. :wink:

Yeah, me too. And we will have to organise a bit of time beforehand talk about what we want to record, and to just relax things a bit. But don’t worry, it will be just like having a conversation on here except, you know, with our voices. Heheh.

A113 - Oh, yeah. I remember that show. That’s a great idea. We could call out version “Pop-up Pixar.” Not sure what program we could use to do it, probably just a video editing program.

Mitch - It looks like we’re going to be using Skype to do the group audio commentary instead of Overcast Studio, so you don’t need to worry about beta testing. I can provide some assistance with the technical stuff but, unless you’re using a Mac, I can’t help you with everything.

As a side note, I think I found a way to mix the original DVD audio in with the commentary.

rachel - Heheh. Alright-y then. I’ll hold on tight. :wink:

qxgnxamy - Ah. I see. All right. Well, I’ll take a look at that Skype feature later, and will invest in the other equipment needed. I’ve got a pair of headphones already, and my sister has a microphone so I could probably use that (it’s a cheap thing, though, and I’m unsure as to whether or not it’s still functional). My dad does own a MacIntosh, which I use often, so I would be able to participate in the commentary via that computer.

Again, I’m very technically-challenged when it comes to these sorts of things. I’m usually able to figure stuff out rapidly, but will still need some assistance. Sorry about that. Eheh.

I’m glad that you found a way to mix the audio, by the way. That’s neat. :smiley:

– Mitch

I need to download skype again. I deleted it from my hard drive a while ago.

Rachel: Good idea. New topic.
Mitch: I’ll do the audio commetary if you’ll do it…if i can fit it into my schedule.
TSS: I was just being a grammar policeman. :laughing: Sorry.

A113: Oh, my bad. I thought you were confused with what I said. No need to apologize A113. :wink:

Mitch - The pressure’s on now! A113 said he will only do a commentary if you will, lol. =)

qxgnxamy - Thanks for that program. I’ve always wondered how people doing audio commentaries manage to get the audio to go back up when no-one is talking… we will have to use that program fo sho.