Pixar Planet - Relaunching 2012

The update looks lovely, Phileas! You did a wonderful job! :smiley:

– Mitch

I can’t believe all this has changed overnight! It’s so cool!

I was kinda confused at first to be honest… but it looks really nice. :smiley:

This looks really nice! I’m really excited to start exploring the place now. :slight_smile: Good job!

I’m not going to lie: I hate it. My main gripe being the avatar’s on the right. There’s a reason most sites put them on the left, because of the way our brains work, and the way we read text it makes the most sense to put them on the left. Its boarderline standard at this point. Please at least give us the option to put it back. This isn’t just me fearing change, this is change for the worse. I have other nitpicks but this is one change I cannot get used to.

Edit: might as well air out some other complaints I have.

Too much padding, too much wasted space on the sides, not enough for what should be the focus, the posts themselves. It feels claustrophobic. Is it a requirement that we lock down the post content width? I don’t now much about coding but I know a lot of sites are more stretchy, they adapt to wider resolutions to get the best out of each person’s screen space. This forum stretches in all the wrong places. Its useless to have the side margins that large.

Too white. its hard on the eyes to have that much white on screen at once. I prefer more neutral tones, something grey as the text background is ideal, but you could pick from a lot of colors. anything would be better than this blinding black on white though.

Yeah, that’s just a problem with the new design. Most of us are used to our avatars and number of posts being on the left instead. Other than that, I think I’ll be able to get used to it. However, if you can’t give us the original design back, at least move the avatar to the left please. :slight_smile:

The old format was definitely old :laughing: This new one should take some getting used to, by I like it a lot. Thanks guys. Left-handed folk rejoice!

Please, please fix the signature thing soon… I just made a new one, and the lack of constraints are keeping it from showing the whole thing. :frowning: Urgh… that’s probably the one thing that’s really bugging me at this point, because I resized it a million times and it’s still too big.

little chef

Look hoe big my sigs are. There huge.

This is going to take a while to get used to. Aside from me wishing the avatars would be on the left side, I must say that this is a really big change. I’m like it so far, but I need to explore a little more.

This might take a while to get used, but I’ll survive. I love how you kept the “Automagically log in” at the login screen. :laughing:

Is the right sidebar going to be reduced at all? It’s so overwhelming and confines the text a little too much.

^Mine randomly disappeared… it’s a lot better without it! I love this though. Good job guys!

Oh, it looks so much nicer, whatever you just did to it. :smiley: Much more space on the page for text and what have you. And my sig fits better now, yay!

I can totally get used to the avvies being on the right side, now that the padding isn’t so severe and there’s much more room for our text. Thank you so very much! :slight_smile:

little chef

I’m excited to run around the place like a little kid at WallMart in the clothing department. This is gonna be SWEET! And this is probably my second posting on Pixar Planet ;D so It’s pretty special that it’s on the new PP. It’s so different, and that’s what I like about it :smiley: It’s not like all the other sites like facebook ;D Simply unique, and awesome. Awesomely unique! WOOH! :nerd:

I’m still not used to it yet, but I’m finding new and exciting things every few minutes.

Wow it looks so different, I think it’s nicer looking but i’m going to have to get used to the new look cuz i can’t find my way around yet :laughing:

I already posted my thoughts on the new layout, but I liked the old layout better, I’m not saying I don’t like this design (I love it!), but I’m just kinda a little iffy about the avatars and stuff being on the right instead of the left, and other random things. But yeah, this will take some getting used to…

Maybe I’ll get used to it, but right now I’m not a fan of this new design. The text is small and cluttered and the old background was easier on the eyes.

I’m liking it a lot, thank you for all your hard work Phileas!