Pixar Poem Time!!!

(I hope this is the place to put


So…I’m fairly good at making poems, so I decided to do one on our favorite: PIXAR! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I suggest you read this slowly, pronunciating every syllable.


[i]O Pixar, O Pixar,

You brought smiles to faces,
And Happily ever Afters.

Toy Story,
Your first

Changed the world,
And it had some action.

A Bug?s Life,
About an Ant,

didn?t listen to a grasshopper,
Who made many rants.

Toy Story Two,
In suspense it kept me,

I had fallen in love,
With a toy named Jesse.

Monsters Incorporated,
With Mike and Company,

the end we were filled with sorrow,
And Glee, And Glee.

Finding Nemo,
The tale of a lost

When his father found him,
We were filled with bliss.

The Incredibles,
Filled a

For we wanted to have,
The destruction of Omnidroid.

Certainly NASCAR,

powerful engines,
Just trying to go faster.

Now we all wait,
For a movie called

Starring some chefs,
And a rat named Remy.

Now for dialogue-free Wall-E,
Going to

be a great one nevertheless,
Robots in love,
It?ll be no contest.

O Pixar, O Pixar,

You brought smiles to faces,
And Happily ever Afters.


Pretty nice, huh? Now it’s your turn! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, that’s not bad – not bad at

all! You may have something here… Very nice job, indeed. I especially love [i]The

Incredibles[/i] and Ratatouille parts. :wink:

I’m not much of a poem

writer/artist, unfortunately. However, give me a few days to think of something

Ratatouille-related…and I might just submit a couple of lines. :wink:


nice job!

Glad you liked it! :smiley: I knew

you’d say that about the Ratatouille part! :wink:

Gasduude - Oh yeah, I’m a nut for anything rat-related. And you’re very welcome!


I decided to just go ahead and do a poem about Remy. I made this up as I went…

[i]Scurrying past great hoards of feet,
Dodging the cats and scrapping

the street,
Flying down tunnels and climbing up brooms,
Sniffing the floors and searching the rooms.

Up towards the basement and into the lair,
Of a kitchen so clean it calls to be bare.

through cupboards to find something sweet,
Before the chefs come 'round to take a peak.

Oh, what a

life I lead – chasing cheese and flambe’!
While escaping the knives that fly by my way.
It’s not easy

being a rat in Paris,
For that’s where the residents want us to


Ahem – yeah, it’s not very well polished up. I’m more of a

story-writer than a poetic architect. :wink:

I really

loved your Gassdue. Especially the Incredibles parts. I gotta make up my own soon.

I liked both of those! And Gasduude, I especially liked

how yours had a stanza about each movie, including the ones that are coming!

Mitch – Wow, I though I was good! :slight_smile: I noticed your sentances

were longer…harder to do in poem making. Slaps Back Good job!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much

TSS, and lennonluvr9! :smiley:

Very nice

poems, guys! Gasduude, yours is snappy and to the point, and manages to summarize all of the Pixar films’

storylines using a limited number of words- something that is very, very difficult to do, but that you have

pulled off. Well done!

Mitch, I like how yours perfectly portrays Remy’s sentiments; it’s as though I

could practically hear him saying those words himself! :smiley:

lennonluvr9, Gasduude, and lizardgirl - Ah shucks – thanks guys.


Here is one

about Dash that I found in a



[i]It’s hard to be

so Super
and still be a normal kid.
It’s like I have a jar of cookies
with a superglued-on lid!

mom and dad both say
that showing off is never nice.
And though I know they have a point,
would it hurt

to once or twice?
Sometimes I just can’t help it.
I go right into fifth gear.
(But please don’t tell

my parents;
they’ll ground me for a year.[/i]

Ahaha – that’s cute. You know, I think I recall

seeing that before, as well. Do you remember the name of the book it was in?

It was in a book called Disney/Pixar Puzzle


Here’s one about Remy…:smiley:

Once I saw Remy,
Sitting under a park

Too far away to see.

Then I thought I saw him,
In a tree so tall,
Playing with his

The game was not to fall.

Once again, I thought I had him,
In a French

Stealing from the kitchens,
Get away easy, he did not.

But now I realize,
It wasn?t

him for sure,
Because he comes out in June,
For every Him and Her.


This one just begun, so it’s a work in


[i]Oh Emile,
Are you out of

your mind?
You eat foods of all sizes,
Every shape and kind,


Well, not bad. Not as good as that first one, but

still pretty good! :smiley: I expect all of my poems to be based on Ratatouille until my Rat-fever wears off!


Wow these are great, I suck at writing poems :blush:

Haha – that’s cute. It reminds me of my sister and I. Great job! :smiley:

And that

Emile poem of yours cracked me up. :laughing:

[size=92]Dude, all those poems MADE MY DAY! :smiley:!!

I love writing poetry, so

I’ll write one now. This is gonna be a romantic poem from Ramone’s point of view towards


[i]Low and slow
Is the way to go,
When I’m cruisin’ through
The streets with

'Twas love at first sight
That starry night,
You’re one of a kind
With a sassy

You’re too pretty,
Perfect already!
So when you stayed here
I was drivin’ on air,

wasn’t just “maybe” -
Now you’re my baby,
In Radiator Springs
Sharing wedding rings.

and slow
Is the way to go,
And I love my life
With you, my wife.[/i]

EDIT: I forgot to

put it in italics.[/size]

Pixel Candy - Very pretty; quite charming. I love your poem. :slight_smile:

My heart is

set on a little blue rat, so I here’s another poem about the adventurous rascal. It’s centered around the

moment in the Japanese trailer for Ratatouille, when Remy decides to run back to

Linguini and help him out:

[i]Twitch your young whiskers,
On this

lonely black night.
And steady your paws,
On the gravel ground tight.

Turn your head round,

And look back that way.
'Twas that boy in the distance,
Who’s heart saved your day.


you not lend your paws,
To a young lad so blue?
Will you flee into the blackness,
To a home safe and


A future to one,
Lies in many a place.
Perhaps yours does rest,
With that sad and

lonely face.

Scamper back, little Remy,
Scamper back to your captor!
It is he who will turn in

your life the next chapter.

And whom out of the darkness,
Should that garbage boy see?
But the

rat that he loosed,
Has come back to aid thee.

So a chef who can’t cook,
And a rodent who can,

Will light their great city,
With some soup and a pan.[/i]


– now that was odd. Almost a little “Dr. Seuss-ish”…in a way. And yet, that was rather fun to write.

It just came to me as I was typing…

Here is a poem

my twin brother wrote. It is from Tony to Violet.

(PV: Prepare to pented that Tony is saying this to


The Gardener and the Violet

[b]By: Tony


[i]The grass is green,
The wind is fair,
The sun is

In the air.

A gardener plants,
He waters and sows.
With such great compassion,

hath so much to show.

With a wave of his hand,
The seeds spread all around,
As it falls into the

And digs deep into the ground.

With a little patience,
His flowers grow tall,
As the

gardener observes,
The most beautiful garden of all.

Such wonder and grace,
Elegance as

With authentic colors,
And the fragrance to smell.

The gardener is happy,
Of all he has

All of his flowers are lovely,
Yet there is a unique one.

Of all the red roses,
And tulips

as white as light,
The most beautiful flower,
A violet shining in the night.

The violet with great

Sweet fragrance and marvelous color,
The gardener knows,
This is his favorite flower.


loves and protects the violet,
This he clearly shows,
He?ll do whatever it takes,
To see his flower

flourish and grow.

He holds the violet to his nose,
As if the two will never part,
He gives one big

And there is love in his heart.

As the clouds dance above,
And the days go by,
All the

rest of the flowers,
They wither and die.

But the violet stands strong,
As the sun shines

One thing will last forever,
The gardener and the violet?s love.[/i]

Wow – your brother wrote that? He’s a

genius – an absolute natural! Tell him that he has a talent for sketching poems – heheh. :wink:

Wow, very good! claps

Pretty cool! :sunglasses: