Pixar screenshots

I like it Geoff-uk1234. His face looks so hilarious.

Lol, thanks. I’'ll post some more soon. :smiley:

Some screenshoot from utility belt buzz, from toy story 2

Spanish Buzz from toy story 3

Mr Incredible


And thats all, sorry if this pics have been post before

Nice Buzz shots, lord_zedd!

Here’s a random picture of Woody:

I’ll be using this next time I make Toy Story graphics. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pictures Lord_Zedd, and thanks for reviving this thread. I didn’t want it to die.

And I love that part where Woody’s match goes out and he’s repeating “no!”.

Zedd: Mr. Incredible!! YES!!! BTW, you’re obsessed with utility belt Buzz, aren’t you? :laughing:

Yeah , hes the best :sunglasses:

Just checking, because you seem to be doing quite the project on the TS forum. :laughing:

Got another screenshot. This time from Ratatouille:

Geoff: love, love, LOVE that screenshot. I can so relate to the expression on Remy’s face, that expression and feeling when you’re expirienceing something related to your passion.

Here, I’ve got a ton of screenshots for your viewing pleasure. I spend hours collecting them, so please, enjoy:

Sorry to take up so much space, but hope you liked them.

Sweet! Thank you for taking time to upload those Geoff, I really like them! (especially the one of Barbie and Stinky Pete!)

Thanks. I link the Stinky Pete one as well.

And it seems that me and you are the only ones posting in this thread at the moment. :laughing:

Geoff, I love you. And I mean that in the “you posted Toy Story and Incredibles screencaps” way, not the weird way.

(well, sort of…)

( you saw that coming!!)

As usual for me, I have some non-Pixar ones that I just must post. I gotsta. :smiley:

Thanks. I’d be happy to post more, but I think I’ll have ran out. I uploaded over 40 in that post. Your screenshots are good too.

Thanks, but I have less, and mine are all Cars, TI, and TS. I live in a box. :laughing:

Wow guys, this thread seems so useful! Especially thanks to Geoff-uk1234 for the mega-dump of screens :smiley:

Thank you. Only problem is I don’t have any ideas for new ones. I posted pretty much every idea for one I had. I may post some more when Toy Story 3 comes out on DVD.

That’s good, though, Geoff. You’re very proactive. :laughing: