Slinky Dog and Wheezie in Toy Story 3

Okay, Jim Varney and Joe Ranft can no longer voice Slinky

Dog and Wheezie, respectively, for obvious reasons. Do you think these two characters are going to be written out

of the script? Or, would they still be in the movie, but without any lines? Or, do you think they would actually

try to find other actors that could voice these characters?

Maybe for the Slinky Dog, they’ll get someone else… but Wheezie was such a small

character in the second one he could be absnet without notcie…

Well, Ranft

also did the voice of Lenny in TS1 . . . but when we see him in TS2 he did had no lines: He was just being used

by Buzz when they were watching the rescue.

Wheezy could end up like that, and it wouldn’t be that


I’d hate for Slinky to be in there with no lines, being like Woody’s oldest toy friend . . . but I

also worry if PIXAR can find a good voice actor to replace Jim Varney . . .

They’ve got to have Slinky with lines- it’d be strange without him talking. As said previously, Wheezy

played a small part, so they probably wouldn’t bother finding someone to voice him.


people will recognize a difference. People will wonder, "Wait, this is the guy who played Slinky in the

first two right?"

Hmm…This topic is very


Pixar could find sound-alikes to voice these characters, but I don’t

think they will out of respect for the late Jim Varney and Joe Ranft.

This is one reason I believe that

they can never make a sequel to A Bug’s Life. 3 of the voice actors from the film have passed away. It would

be wrong in my opinion to go on making a second Bug’s Life without them.


Woah, don’t want to go too far off topic, but who died from Toy Story . . . besides Joe Ranft??

Didn’t a guy named Jim Varney


Umm…yaaah. :stuck_out_tongue: He was the voice of Slinky Dog. It’s such a



Post error . . . I met A Bug’s Life . . . but I think I figured it out – poor,

Heimlich, Manny, and Gypsey!!

And Jonathan Harris, who voiced

Manny, also voiced Geri the toy cleaner in Toy Story 2, but he was NOT the one who voiced him in Geri’s Game.

That was Bob Peterson.


Ooo . . . makes me wonder if they’d include him in TS3. He was a small character, so I doubt

he’d be returning.

Who, Geri? Naah. He wouldn’t be in TS3. I think he was

meant to be an inside joke/one time cameo in TS2.


Heh, I’d be cool if Geri would be a recurring cameo

though. :wink: But back to JV and JR, I was thinkin the same thing once I heard TS3 was still goin. :confused: But for

me I know any characters’ voice so well any sound alike won’t fool me. For example the sound alikes on the

special clips on the TS2 2-disc editon didn’t even get me from da start. :unamused: But don’t get me wrong, they

were close enough. :wink:

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Gee that’s a

hard one. On one hand I wouldnt want to hear Slinky with another voice, on the other I wouldnt want him to be

taken out or given no lines because of it…Wheezy’s a different matter though cuz he’s a smaller