The Blue Umbrella (MU short film)

Classy poster! I wonder what are the little French logo and laurel leaves in the bottom left and right corner.

That’s actually the logo from The Berlin International Film Festival

The bear logo on the bottom left corner, right? What’s the laurel leaves logo on the bottom right?

That is too small for me to read the text, and that’s the only useful indicative. The laurel leaves aren’t, since they are used for 99.9% of film festivals and awards.

Found out on this high resolution version of the poster: … Poster.pdf

It’s the logo of the SXSW film festical, where the short will have its North America premiere.

Good find! It was impossible to read in such a low resolution.

I like the overlap of umbrellas in that one.

Aw, those umbrellas are adorable! Knowing how simple this looks, there has to be some kind of twist to the story that no one see’s coming.

Maybe, but maybe they’ll keep it simple.

Think of Paperman or La Luna. Neither of them have an unexpected twist at the end.

But I agree, and hope this one does.

Right. I think it’s safe to say WHAT will happen in the end, but we probably just don’t know HOW it will happen. That’s what I think might surprise me.

Yes, this is very common for shorts. Since they are so short, there is in a sense less investment in making a complicated plot. So it’s usually about the journey, not so much the outcome.

What I find it’s that it’s usually about one or the other, because you don’t have time to develop the two.

So sometimes it’s how you say, e-j-e, but in others, the journey isn’t very important and the outcome is what gives it all sense. Then you have a twist ending, which is also very common in short films.

Whoa. I’ve gotta say, I knew this would be good, but it’s even better than I thought it would be. It’s a simple story which I like, but it’s also so cute and I love the music. I have to say that to me, it’s a lovely little short.

This short is great if you’re into the Paperman kind of thing. I’m not overtly impressed with the story, because frankly there was none to be spoken of. But I totally LOVE the photorealism and the nostalgic ambiance. I liked the music, but found having the vocal as background a little distracting. I wish it was just the orchestra.

This film is a real treat, but is no where near my favorite Pixar short! No denying that it was well done, and cute. But I wasn’t big on the music at all, but that’s just my personal opinion.

I think like you do.

It was pretty much like Paperman, one thin and generic short film story, that worked great because it was mostly a vehicle for an amazing visual experiment.

The photorealism was great, and I hope we could eventually get feature films that look like that!

I wasn’t a fan of the score either, but I think it worked for the film.

mehhh, I don’t. It’s just not my aesthetic taste.

Well, I think Pixar is trying for increased photorealism in each feature anyway, so I guess they’ll eventually get to that.

Monsters University itself was very photo-realistic, but the design of the characters made it look less so.


I for one found The Blue Umbrella to be insanely precious and insanely awesome! I love the photorealism that is given a touch of surrealism with its city characters, plus it’s just an overall sweet story. And the umbrellas are so adorable! I will never look at another umbrella the same way again! Fact: when [spoil]Blue flew away into the street[/spoil], I started whispering out loud “No no no no! Please be ok, please be ok!!!” What can I say? It didn’t take me long to get into it! :slight_smile: