The Grim Reader...not quite...

For those who don’t know, I have a friend that, for certain reasons, can’t get an account here on Pixar Planet. So I relay messages from her to you guys! So here’s her message (Her user name is red).

 Hey y'all; it's [b]red[/b] again. :smiley:
 I know that there's a lot of you out there who have written fanfics, but there's a handful or two of you who are probably wanting some good criticism on it. Some may be sensitive to it, others are like, ~JUST HIT ME!~ I want you to know that I would [u][i]love[/i][/u] to be an official fanfic critic for those who want some genuine insight on story writing! I've written a novel already, two (well; one and a quarter...) fanfics, and am thinking of writing a screenplay as well! So hopefully, you'll trust my word. :wink:
 I am also going to tell you flat-out that I'm not going to be nice (Don't worry - I don't swear). If I think your work needs help, I'll tell you! I know personally, I like it when my sister gives me this kind of criticism. It compels me to want to work harder and get better at what I love doing. You guys can call me the 'Anton Ego" of PP for all I care. The thing about me is, I don't [i]always[/i] look to find all the [u]bad[/u] in a work. I'll try to pull out as much good as I can. Some of you have a lot of potential. I'd honestly like to help you discover it. So whatever. Call me Simon Cowell or Anton Ego. I won't care. Just want to know if you guys would like this idea (PS - I won't give any reviews to people who don't want any, so let me know!).
 If you all really don't care, notify [b]Dash[/b] or [b]Mell-O-Drama[/b] or someone and they can delete this topic. :stuck_out_tongue: haha! Just kidding. ^_^
 So - send 'em on in!
 "[i]Pray you don't disappoint me...[/i]"
      -Anton Ego
 ...I'm still kidding...!

Red, first of all, why can’t you get your own Pixar Planet account? It would be wonderful to have you here.

Secondly, I think your idea is interesting and would be a very good experence for all of us.
My advice is that being nice will help a lot, but I believe that being as honest as your heart is one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever ask for.
Although fanfics sometimes drive me crazy, since they aren’t what I think the characters should act, then it might do me well to write a fanfic of my own. That thought has found its way into my mind quite often, and now, since you, Red, are interested in reviewing Pixar fanfics, and since I have not made or filfilled a 2008 resolution yet, I would be more than delighted to write a fanfic especially for you to review it.

Now, if it was TLDR, here it is in one sentence: “Love rejoices in the truth, and i believe that is a wonderful idea.”

Sign me up! Below you will find a link leading to my Ratatouille tale, which is currently “in-the-works” as of late…

Mitch’s “Tails”

Although I have only gotten as far as chapter ten (or…part of it, actually), there is enough material there to skim through. I have written one other story besides this one which is not Pixar related, one which I would be more than happy to send to you via PM for reviewing if you wish.

Thank you for providing us with this opportunity, red! I need all of the critique I can obtain! :smiley:

– Mitch

Sounds just like me! I’m also a tough, cynical critic. :slight_smile:
I’ve written a couple, and have plenty more coming up. They’re called “This One is Different,” and “Colette Cooks Tonyloaf.”

Two links (both have both stories in them): … sc&start=0

And please note: I think it would be best to read my author’s notes prior to reading the actual fics. They’re sort of essential in understanding my aesthetic. Especially in “Colette Cooks Tonyloaf.”

Can’t wait to hear from you (either on or here).
Thanks a lot,

Colette Linguini - red said that she has read your fanfics, and now she needs to write up on them.

Mitch - She said to be patient; her review isn’t complete yet. :wink: She will finish it soon.

JesusFreak - Patient I shall be. Pass on my thanks to red and yourself. :wink:

– Mitch

Alright! Thank’s, red/JesusFreak!!

Hi! Sorry about the double post! I just have a quick message for red. I’ve started putting up the chapters for my newest Ratatouille fic, “Sketches” on You’re probably busy with other fanfictions and whatnot, but if you’ve ever got a spare second, I’d love it if you’d see that one too. You sound like a smart reviewer! I can’t wait to hear from you!

I will inform her as soon as possible. I would get a new link to the site, though. The one you provided is dead. =\

EDIT: I see what happened. It doesn’t work unless you delete the period after the link. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi! red, in response to your comments on the fics:
First of all, thanks so much for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot.

The interlude comes way later after a lot of chapters. This was simply the first chapter. And I know it was kind of short, sorry about that. As far as building the characters’ personalities – the readers will understand the characters better simultaneously with the characters themselves getting to know eachother better throughout the chapters. It’ll grow, and there’s definitely character development coming up… no worries. :slight_smile:
That’s all really great feedback, though. Thanks a lot!

Colette Cooks Tonyloaf
Yay! I’m so glad you understand my humor! Thank you! And Jack-Jack exploding was a good idea. I think I should have included their powers in the fic to accentuate their feelings or whatever.

This One is Different
That’s cool that we have a similar writing style!
And you thought that I showed her weak/girly side too soon in the fic and thought I should develop more of the fiery/strong personality first? I respect that. Thanks for your opinion; it’s always great to hear what people think.

SO. Thanks again.

Hey JesusFreak, just wondering, is Red still reviewing and critiquing? I have a fanfic that’s 3/4 of the way done, which is precisely why I don’t want to post it.

I have a few people reading it for me now, but I’d love to get the advice of a novelist too. I don’t currently want it on or anything at this point, so is there still a way to send it?

The Wandering - Sorry for such a late reply. :confused:

red says that she would be honored to review your story. You can PM it to me, and I can give it to her. :smiley:

JesusFreak - Hey there. I just wanted to let red know that I received her private message some time ago and absolutely loved the critique she gave me; I swallowed every bit of it. I would like to apologize to red in that I have neglected to reply to the afore-mentioned note due to busy times on my part. I will respond to her message in time – hopefully soon. :wink:

– Mitch

To Mitch, from red:

wipes sweat off of brow…WHEW!!!
OMG, I was sooooo nervous that you weren’t replying because you were mad at my comments!!! Oh - now to hear this… the relief washes over me in ways it has never done before. I mean; I look up to you on PP because you’re a mod and all, and to me you’re like the PP advisor- so to review your fanfic was…an honor. :smiley: And then I go and like, bash your work to a pulp, basically (at least, to me, that’s what it felt like I was doing); then you reply and say you loved it…?! Oh. I’m overjoyed. I can’t begin to put into words how flattered and utterly relieved I am! Can these adjectives I pour out even touch on my gratitude…?
Well, enough of the flattery. I haven’t had much time to finish reviewing the other half of the story, but I promise that I will get to it as soon as I possibly can! I have a “job” now, as I like to call it, and that plus lots of schoolwork has had me tied up and limited my use of the computer. (I’m homeschooled, so I’ve been able to take the work at my own pace. I should be able to squeeze in an hour or so to work on it, though. :smiley: Don’t despair.) Like I told you already, I truly believe that your story has the potential of becoming a must- read. :smiley: Some of the little character quirks, story plots, and - especially - random moments, are like, SO me. So I really do enjoy reading your story, please don’t get me wrong!!!
Urgh, I’m far too nice to be apologizing for my critique… it’s just, I didn’t know if my wording was too harsh. And like I said a while back, if you’re offended in any way, please let me know. I just like knowing those things, and I REALLY don’t like it when people just “say things” to be nice, if you know what I mean.
I should leave it there before I ramble off onto something else, I guess. I just want to thank you personally for enjoying my long ramblings and sometimes negative comments about your work. But I really shouldn’t apologize for the way I write. After all; it didn’t faze Anton Ego at all when his vitriolic review stifled Gusteau’s confidence and caused the restaurant to nose dive… but that’s an entirely other story in itself!!!

 With many hopes for my fellow author,
[b] -red-[/b]

Guys, this is ACTUALLY from red!!! :smiley: JF is letting me post. :wink:

But hey! I SLAVED over this above-mentioned thank-you, Mitch; come on! You haven’t replied?!! haha, just kidding. :wink: I luv you still.

I’m gonna tease you all here. Everyone seems to be asking to read my fanfic; so… as a once in a lifetime offer, everyone who submits their fanfictions to me for reviewing will get a slice of MY fanfic in return, as a thank-you from me! :smiley: (ps : they must be PIXAR RELATED ONLY - I forgot to have JF mention this earlier… :unamused: ) The Wandering (hehe do you feel special? :wink: ) is probably the only one I have actually shared a little of my precious and highly-guarded story with. Don’t expect the whole thing, though. hehe.

ok I have to make this short. I need to go pretty quick. Just wanted to throw this out here for anyone who’s interested!!! :smiley:

thank you!
Sincerely, -red-

Well, Red, I hope you get to finish it and show it to more people at some point! I think I might have lost one of my beta-readers, so even though mine is technically done, I can’t post it anywhere yet. :\

It’d be nice to find some Pixar betas somewhere, all I can ever find are Harry Potter or Buffy ones. :laughing:

Dear red,

First of all, I’m terribly sorry for not replying to you – be it directly or indirectly – in a timely and decent manner. As is apparent, both schoolwork and real life have barred down on me like a ton of bricks, and I have only recently dug myself out of that pile in an attempt to explain to everyone as to why I have been absent. Such is the way of a college student at times…

Secondly, I am extremely pleased that you are pleased that… I am pleased in that I enjoyed your critique! Heheh. I never pass up an opportunity to gain valuable information, receive helpful comments, and/or devour constructive criticism so as I may broaden my scopes and advance in the field of literature. In my humble opinion, you have a strong hold on the handle of both grammar and prose, so it is only fitting that I would welcome your two cents worth on matters such as this. The more critique I store in my pockets, the better are my chances for success in the future…

Thanks again for reviewing my story and for being so darn patient with someone such as myself. I don’t deserve it, in my opinion. <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

In addition to that long ramble above, I feel as if I must say that I would be honored to read a portion (or portions) of your little fan fiction tale, if given the chance to do so. I’m not going to pressure you or anything, as it is entirely up to you as to whether or not you will allow certain people to read and, perhaps, review it, but I would certainly enjoy diving into a pool filled to the brim with your creative writing talent. :wink:

Have a wonderful and blessed day, red! :smiley:

Dude, I hear you 100% on that. :wink:

JesusFreak - Thank you very much for posting red’s replies, letting her post to us directly, etc… I hope that you’re doing well! :wink:

– Mitch

ok, but don’t be TOO mean. theres a fine line between being critical and being a jerk.

If you take a look at some of red’s posts, you’ll discover that, when it comes to critiquing, she is by no means a jerk.

sorry, i never meant to offend. iv just in so many positions where people say that they are just gonna be critical and ending up being really mean.