The Screencap Library Project!

My movie-watching muse is hiding from me. :< But I have more Cars Toons!

These shorts are so wonderfully messed up. 8D

I capped the Cars Toons before figuring out how to cap at true size, so these are still the slightly bigger/slightly blurrier ones, but should suffice. I may go back and cap these again later.

1 Zip, 273 Caps, 85 MB

Full Sized Examples: … ter021.jpg … ter190.jpg … ter230.jpg

Download Link:

Well, so much for getting all the caps done by now. Sorry this project died for a bit, but I plan to rush head first back into it! :smiley:

Starting with…

…Oh man, I can’t believe myself.

27 Zips, 5.05 GB, [size=150]68,921 Caps.[/size]

A few items of note:

-VLC hates the DVD’s crappy encoding and may have missed a few shots. None were uber major but sorry all the same.

-I do not have the zips labled on mediafire, but if you are just wanting a specific scene, send me an ask and I can tell you which folder it’s in.

-This set may be replaced by a more thorough/HQ set in the future if I can get VLC and the DVD to make friends. If I do, I will try to upload it into the same folder so the link remains active.

Download Link:

1 Zip, 114.78 MB, 3,672 Caps

Download Link:

1 Zip, 286 Caps, 68.8 MB

Full sized Examples: … eye016.jpg … eye106.jpg … eye263.jpg

Download Link:

1 Zip, 277 Caps, 83.5 MB

Full sized Examples: … ter021.jpg … ter189.jpg … ter267.jpg

Download Link:

1 Zip, 261 Caps, 64.3 MB

Full sized Examples: … ter078.jpg … ter159.jpg … ter234.jpg

Download Link:

Wow, awesome screen caps!! I really love that you’re doing this.

OMG YES!!! You did Private Eye! I was dying for that one! :mrgreen: Yeah, I can’t tell you how amazing this project is. I’m downloading like mad. 8D Thanks so much for all your hard work! Question: which folder of the Cars 2 one can I find some good shots of Francesco?