The Wandering's fanart

Ok, I finally got the artbook. It’s helping a little, but it’s made my Remys’ go from large and ratlike, to small and cartoonish.

I also drew one of the rats from one of Carter Goodrich’s pictures in there, the one with the ear ring. I don’t know if it’s male or female, so I just made it a female and called it Gypsy, 'cuz it kinda reminded me of a fortune teller. That ball is supposed to be a marble, btw. I added one of his crying baby rats in the corner too, because they’re so cute.

I’m trying to attempt Linguini and Colette, but I think drawing them might work out better on the computer instead of pencil drawn sketches.

They’re really good, TE! :smiley:

I like specially the “Gypsy” one, I think it’s very well drawn; and the crying baby is really cute! <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" /> :wink:

Can’t wait to see those Linguini and Colette drawings! :wink:

Nice work, The Wandering! I love all the facial expressions - nice job on making them look like they were from the movie. :smiley:

Love the artwork, The Wandering ! I can’t wait to see those Linguini and Collete drawings either. :wink:

The Wandering- Aww, that crying baby rat is adorable! I love the way you’ve drawn Gypsy- an immediate personality comes to mind even just from this picture. Remy looks great too, although the positioning of his legs is a little awkward, but I love his nose and perky ears. The concept of a marble being used is really cute! :smiley:

The Wandering - Very charming sketches you’ve conjured up there! The “crying rattie” is particularly adorable, but the “Gypsy” drawing is what really caught my eye right off the bat. I agree with lizardgirl in that Remy’s legs could be positioned in a more adequate and convincing fashion, but, other than that, the sketches look great! :wink:

– Mitch

Thanks for the input guys, from here it looks like his legs are a bit strange. I don’t have a drawing desk, so I usually end up sketching in a weird position on the floor, and that sometimes contributes to awkward pictures. But most of the time I’m just really lazy and don’t really feel like fixing things, lol.

Not bad there! Those are pretty good sketches! I especially like the gypsy rat one. The expressions there are really well done.

The Wandering: Hey, that looks really good. I love the way you drew it. It looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see more from you.

Thanks lennonluvr9, TSS!

I’m currently attempting to color and shade a pic that has Colette and Linguini in it. It’s a little difficult since it’s my first time drawing them, but everyone can say that for first times. I just hate coloring since I’m largely self-taught, therefore, it generally never looks completely right.

I sometimes wish I could go to art school, but unfortunately I’m one of those people who:

a) doesn’t like to draw what they don’t like
b) doesn’t want to draw when they don’t want to (which means I don’t get a whole lot of practice in)

This would be terrible if I was aiming for an art career of course. :laughing:

YOu are welcome. :wink: Art classes can be a pain sometimes. But what I do is try to find fun in it.

I hear that. my high school art classes were taught by someone who never failed to always shoot me down. Needless to say, that discouraged me from taking any more real art classes for a long time. Now I think i’m ready to try again though (I’m trying to transfer to an art school)

Ok, well, here’s a pretty quick drawing with Linguini and Colette. I could have spent more time on it to make it better, but I didn’t feel like it. :laughing:

Linguini came out ok, for someone without a chin I guess, and I apologize for the way Colette looks, but I just had to. I hope this doesn’t mirror or resemble anything you guys have done, because I honestly don’t remember if I saw it.

Now I just need to finish that darn Toy Story one…rargh.

They look fantastic, TW! Their expressions are just too funny :laughing:, and I love the coloring, the shading and the background is pretty cool too. :wink:

Puh-ha! Oh man, that has to go into my pile of favorite dA concoctions, The Wandering. I absolutely love it! :mrgreen:

I don’t know why Colette looks so glum. I would be more than happy to swtich places with her… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonderful piece of artwork, dude! I love both character designs, and the coloring really gives it a nice “flavor”, so to speak. Fantastic!

– Mitch

Oh my lord, that was a totally funny picture you drew The Wandering. I just love it. The coloring and designs are marvelous.

That’s friggin’ hilarious! Well done TW

Thanks Maggie!

I dunno Mitch, I’m usually wary of kissing rodents myself. LOL. (My hamsters were evil)

Thanks TSS. I’ll see if my designs hold if I draw them again.

Haunt :Haha, I did hope it would be funny. I kept worrying about Colette’s face though.

The Wandering - Haha. So your hamster ain’t a smooch bug, eh? That’s funny. My rat is altogether different; he loves giving and getting kisses… (snigger)

Again, wonderful work of art! I can’t wait see what you tackle next. :smiley:

– Mitch

Keep them coming TW. And good luck with your next one.