Underrated movies?

I love the Aristocats! It’s one of my favorite movies ever!
IIII’MMMM the leader!

I love the Aristocrats. it was a good movie, despite a few flaws in my eyes.

What are they? I’m curious.

Have you never hear if it?

I was asking what the flaws were.

The one that comes to mind for me is Rocky 5. Yeah, it was the weakest of the six films but it wasn’t bad.

Oh, sorry.

Pixarfan91, it’s fine. :slight_smile:

What was wrong with my quoting?

On the subject of Rocky, I have never seen any of the Rocky Films, but all of my friends say that it’s good.

Yeah, most of the Rocky films are really good. The only ones I didn’t care for were Rocky 4 and Rocky 5.

I’ve never watched Rocky :slight_smile:

I think you should give the Rocky films a try. All the films are pretty good especially the first two.

The first one Won Best Picture.

Yeah, but theres a lot of Best Picture winners where I’ve watched and thought “how the heck did that even get nominated? It was awful!”
But I will give them a shot when I get round to it. Shame we don’t get Netflix over here…

It’s not one of my favorites but it’s good.

Spider-Man 3 (I personally thought that it was the best of the series)
The Wizard
Cars 2 (Why do people hate it so much? I personally thought that it was way better than the original)

I agree with what you said for Cars 2. However, I thought that Spiderman 3 was average. There were just too many things going on and there were alot of silly scenes like some of the dancing ones with Peter.

I agree Spiderman 3 is the worst of the 3 but I like it.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame-This is probably the most underrated movie during the Renaissance. I mean, it has alot of likeable things like the music, the villian, and some of the characters. My only complaint about this film were the three gargoyles. This film could of told a nice little serious story if it wasn’t for the gargoyles. Oh well, I guess you have to have something appealing to kids as well.