Up Critical Reviews

From the WSJ review:

“In the spirit of candor, accompanied by regret, I must say that I admired the film much more than I enjoyed it.”

As my friend told me, if that’s a negative review, then Up’s in good shape.

Lizardgirl - RT still rated the Independent review as “Positive”. But yes, it was hardly glowing.

All the other UK dailys have published reviews as well and all are positive. (SEE the RT link below).

(Just filling in for eerik on this task.)

hey guys! I also hope that Up does well on RT, so far it has 100% with 16 reviews! Keep that streak goin’, critics!

Here (disneyetc.blogspot.com/2009/05/m … loudy.html) is a recently posted positive review of Up/negative review of Partly Cloudy. Enjoy! Squirrel!

CartoonBoy- Yeah, that’s true. But it also bothered me when the main article above the Up review briefly mentioned Up as “Disney’s latest cartoon”. Admittedly the main review obviously accredited the film to Pixar, but anyone who might not have read that and just read the bigger article would’ve thought that it was made by Disney.

But hey, I’m just nit-picking. :laughing:

Manning- Ah yes, thanks for the link- I didn’t realise who the reviews on there were by and that other UK dailys had reviewed. And they seem to be a lot more positive than the one from The Independent! :smiley:

I agree in regards to it being referred to as a DISNEY cartoon (which, technically, it is). Pixar needs to maintain it’s own, as yet mostly untarnished image.

But it’s a CARTOON! GREAT!

The Mail on Sunday (UK) gave it 3 out of 5 stars from the Cannes flim festival. But that is something of a pretentious event and they don’t often appreciate family aimed animations. Also I am prone to distrust pretty much everything the Daily Mail says, especially when it comes to films…

Well four more reviews in and the 100% positive grade remains intact. This is most surprising, given that all of the reviews are Cannes-based, where the critical vibe is inherently snooty.

Up @ Rottentomatoes.com
Update: 20 reviews listed - 100% fresh

Rotten Tomatoes:
25 reviews, 100%
RT Community
74 Reviews, 81%

I don’t really care what the RT community reviews say. None of the reviews appear remotely professional, and the only negative review that said anything said that it would flop because of Star Trek and other current movies. Hardly a review at all.

I like Rotten Tomatoes, but sometimes I think it’s a little innacurate.

28 reviews, still 100%

29 reviews. STILL 100% :smiley:
Wow, I am truly surprised it hasn’t gotten a rotten review yet… Here’s hoping it could stay that way.

30 reviews, still 100%
And a few critics that didn’t like Wall-E liked Up, to boot!

And, um, let’s hope that Up does as well as NATM2:BOTS, which got 70 mil $$ last weekend with a 44%!

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33 reviews, guess the percentage :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, what’s this? Armond White, the same critic who didn’t like Wall-E, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Star Trek etc. has given Up a much expected bad review. ourtownny.com/?p=3110#more-3110

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I couldn’t even finish that review! I respect others opinions, but that was just totally not what Up is, it deserves WAY more than a bad review from a shallow reviewer like that guy :imp:

41 reviews, and still 100%! Certified fresh!


That is a given. When that guy gives Pixar a good review, the world will end. :laughing:

He’s an infamous contrarian, you can’t please everyone. The guy calls Chicken Little and Teacher’s Pet “good animation,” spent a whole “review” of Coraline to grind against WALL-E (to make up for the last time he didn’t bash it when it was hot, I guess) and has voiced many “unpopular” (read: absurd) opinions so be it. :unamused:

Lol. Some people just shouldn’t even deserve to be considered a movie critic.
The fact that he hated films such as Star Trek, The Dark Knight, and WALL-E, might show a sign that there’s something wrong with him more so than the movie itself.
Perhaps he does exactly what Anton Ego said: He thrives on negative criticism, because it is both fun to write as it is fun to read, and it gets him more recognition simply because he starts controversy with negative words.

^ He does get recognition for doing just that. Now one down, two more to go…

Well, the 100% perfection on RT has been destroyed thanks to Armond White. Still, 98% is very good.