Where in the United States is Toy Story actually based?

Actually it’s about 3.5 million.

That’s right… Thanks for the correction, and Like I said. My mind’s been melded.

Actually, there is a “Tri-Counties” in California, too - it comprises San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

There are probably other cases as well. I think they chose that name because it could apply to a number of different locations.

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Another thing that can cue us in, like the seasons, might be the type of trees and shrubbery that are seen? I’ll have to pay attention next time I watch, but I think they’re pretty much prototypical deciduous trees. I’ve always assumed the Midwest region for Toy Story (looks like home to me), but I think the possible area could stretch between Midwest and East/Northeast.

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Ok, so lets look back on what we have so far based on actual location…

Michigan: Although unconfirmed and unsourced, Wikipedia categorised each of the Toy Story films under “Films set in Michigan”. This was funnily enough (after we discussed it) removed recently for all film articles in the series between 9-10th of July. User Bucking_Bullseye yet provided more evidence that the film was based in Michigan. He posted a quote… “At its core, Metro Detroit comprises the counties of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties are sometimes referred to informally as the Detroit Tri-County Area.”

Snow fall: User Chopperface made note that it snows during Christmas in one of the films. I personally can’t remember which one, because I haven’t watched #1 and #2 for quiet some time. Anyway, we pretty much eliminate the warmer, southern states of the United States because
of this.

Ohio: User Within A Nutshell said that it couldn’t be Ohio, because the weather was not sporadic enough in the films. This is however conflicted, as User OneEyedBart95 said that an Ohio license plate frame was used in one of the films. User Ding said in addition that “Toy Story 3 contains some references to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, where Lee Unkrich was born and raised. For example, Andy’s Mom’s license plate frame reads “Tiger Pride”, referencing the mascot of Chagrin Falls, the Tiger.”

Rhode Island: User twitchA113 observed that “The small shops (like in the area where Scud chases Buzz), large houses and snow and rain levels lead me to think they live there.”
[Rhode Island]

California: User Kyle suggested it may take place in California, based on evidence that Al’s Toy Barn is shown on Etch on a sketch, to be where Pixar’s studio is located in Emeryville, CA. In addition to User Kyle’s statement, User KarmaWolf said “Etch drew a map in the second movie to help find Woody and the map had some routes and stuff that is only in California.” User Program-R provided further evidence stating there is a Tri-County in California too, which is comprised of “San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.”

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Nice little compilation of the Data so far, B2R4D! That makes it a lot simpler then going back and forth between pages.

I agree with Chopperface, I think it takes place in Anytown, USA.

I noticed another reference. In 2, after the Cone scene as Potato Head says “Well, That went well.” Behind the Toys are stands to buy copies of the “Tri-County Herald”.

In Toy Story: The Essential Guide, it shows the map of the Tri-County area, and Andy’s new house is only a couple streets away. It looks like a real tight-knit community.

And, they said it was based off the filmmakers’ childhood homes in a commentary for the first Toy Story, so it’s really not anywhere in particular. The California theory sounded good, but then there’s the snow to consider.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it does snow in Emeryville.

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Anyway, I have read the last few newer posts, and have noticed you guys have made some more observations. Great work everyone!

In the past I used to think that it could be based in Michigan. Simply because the surroundings of some other films set in Michigan reminded me of Toy Story. For instance, Virgin Suicides made me remember When She Loved Me fragment (my favourite. And both of them take place in 60-70s) However, that was long time ago and I haven’t watched VS for quite a while… I’ll have to check, I’m curious)

I’ve googled Tri-County and read about such areas in different states.
However, after reading your observayions I think it’s nost probably Rhode Island

Its supposed to be any city. In some of the commentary on the first film, I think John said it was meant to be a “familiar suburban childhood”. The reason we can’t quite narrow it down is because it has elements of all the places we’ve mentioned.

I was looking at Ann Arbor, Michigan (Where I think the Virgin Suicides was shot) and found some reference photos for the houses: flickr.com/photos/leylabunny/3463945924/

Pixar did a good job and not committing to a location. That is why the airport is from Oakland, the shops are from Rhode Island, the house is from Michigan, and other details are all over the place!

Or they could live in the Tri-State Area…

It definitely had a mid-western feel to the atmosphere. I always liked the rather obscure feel of calling everything ‘tri-county.’

Though I will admit that when I was up in Oakland during late August, the leaves on the trees had already started to fall, and there was something about it that reminded me of some of the ‘fall’ aspects in PIXAR’s films.

Well I don’t live in USA so I don’t have a first hand opinion. But I think the classic ‘anytown USA’ which has being poster on here before suits it perfectly. Much like The Simpsons or Ed Edd n Eddy, leaving it up to the imagination is fine.

Saginaw, Michigan is the answer. I’m very sure like 98% sure its an extremely great chance. After I did research on this after watching and pausing Toy Story many times. Firstly there is a Michigan license plate or thats at least the state plate it closest resembles it’s hard make out the letters but theres enough to spell a word like Michigan and it is blue and set up almost like the most common Michigan tag. There is also a tag that looks like an Ohio tag in one scene it looks like Ohio’s white and gold tag which is close by Michigan obviously so that fits. Next, when Buzz fell from the sky and landed in Andy’s car they show high rolling hills in the back. I looked up a terrain map of Michigan and it shows the higher terrain would be around the Northern part of the Mitten Shape area of Michigan. Most of Michigan is pancake flat so it must be in this region. Then I looked up Pizza Planet for Michigan and there are two places called Planet Pizza which is probably where they came up with Pizza Planet. There was a Planet Pizza in metro Detroit and one a few miles north of Flint. The map shows that there is flat terrain in Flint however 30 miles northwest the terrain begins to change to high rolling hills which i believe is where Andy’s house is and that happens to be the largest city around that direction, as you can tell he lives in a good sized community and they most likely went to Planet Pizza in Northern Flint. Thirdly, while looking on street view on Google in neighoborhoods around Saginaw, the trees look almost exactly the same type of trees as in Toy Story and in Andy’s community. Finally, the guy on Sid’s television that announces for Al’s Toy Barn talks about his stores in the Tri-County area and as I was looking on the internet I found out that the Saginaw region is made up three communities of Saginaw, Midland, and Bay City, Saginaw is the largest community and big enough to fit the description of Andy’s hometown on the movie, there are also 3 major counties in that area too. Wow. I think Saginaw is where Toy Story takes place. However I think Andy moves to Detroit in the second movie since there is a major airport and the skyline looks like Detroit. Watch Toy Story yourself and look for these things.

I always pictured Tri-County to be in California, I guess cause that’s where Pixar is. Although I feel like I remember somebody saying in the TS3 commentary concerning Bonnie’s house that it was located up somewhere in the mid-north states (like Michigan).

About the Tri-County deal though, maybe the city’s name is “Tri-County” and it’s like Indianapolis, with lots of smaller towns surrounding it. So, as we have the “Indianapolis Area”, we’d also have the “Tri-County Area”. :sunglasses: