Your DVD Collection

Found some more DVD’s that I’ll probably add to my list.

The DVD I watch most? Ugh, that in my life time would either be the Incredibles or Toy Story 2. Within the last year or so, that would be everything in bold. 8D

Kenzie: thanks!! DVDs are one of my favorite things to collect with dolls. <3

Mine my me one my of Simpsons or Family Guys DVD’s.

The only TV programs I own are one VHS of Gargoyles, and one DVD of Gargoyles.

I blike getting TV Series on DVD more then movies.

Rally? I dislike the vast majority of Television shows and programs, but I love a lot of movies. So I guess w’re opposites.

Yesh, You can watch them on Youtube, but they get taken off. They also don’t play a lot of shows from my childhood anymore so I want to get those DVDs.

I would love to get a few seasons of Batman: The Animated Series. <3

Me too. They do releash classic Nicktoons and CN shows on DVD. But their just the episodes. I would like bonus features, communtaries, and possible delated scenes. But they only have episodes.

I agree. I like bonus material almost as much as the show/movie itself.

I’ve probably seen The Pink Panther (1963) the most.

Edit: I also added some DVD’s to my list that I forgot I had.

I might have a big update coming after Christmas when I get plenty of them.

Picked up some more DVDs this week: Tarzan, Sleeping Beauty, The Adventures of Tintin (TV series), The Big Bang Theory Season 1, and of course, Cars 2!

I have a lot, but the last ones I bought were Thor (DVD) and Cars 2 on blu, next week I’m planning to buy Pirates 4, Captain America and probably Harry Potter 8, all them on DVD

I thought about getting Thor but I wasn’t keen on it when I saw it in the cinema. My sister is nagging me to get Young Sherlock Holmes. I might get it for the stained glass sequence alone.

Sounds like fun!! Great choices. :wink:

I need to get more soon.

Those are great. I’m planning on getting Cars 2 very soon.

I’m asking for Cars 2 for Christmas. If my parents ask what I want. I’m not supposed to ask for things.

Anyway, I buy new DVDs every chance I get.

I’ll ask for Cars 2, but I don’t want to really bad, it’s really low on my Pixar list.