Youtube Best And Worst Video's

Hello! it’s Gleefan1 again!, :sunglasses:
im still new to the pixar forms but I just want to know people like liz girl or Flik-e and everyone else.
So I just wanted to know, What Is Your Favourite youtube Video?.
For me, I most like funny videos.
Like some Parody’s like there is a video parody of the pixar intro.
Il give you guys the link soon.
Peace out guys!!!

Welcome to the boards, gleefan1! :smiley:

Just to let you know, I’ve moved this thread into the ‘off topic’ section as it’s not just about animation. I’m not sure what my own favourite or least favourite videos are though…I guess one of my favourites has to be the one with the kitten that covers it’s face and then reveals it, like ‘boo!’ and then does that over and over again. I love that. :laughing:

Oh, and if you’d like to introduce yourself officially, you can do so in this thread- The “Introduction/I’m Back” Thread.

Ok thanks lizard girl!.
Anyway i wanted to do this because i wanted to get to know people on pixar planet.
Next time il make sure it will be about pixar.
But thanks for the comment, I am a big fan Lizard Girl!.
Anyway thanks for moving it!

Isn’t there like a ‘Dumpster for Mild Amusement’ for this sorta stuff?

Although, I wouldn’t mind keeping this thread open, if it’s for Youtube-specific vids. Don’t get much responses from the posts I put in DfMA… :confused:

I think a PPlanet member has posted this before, but here’s a neat Inception/Toy Story 3 mash-up trailer I enjoyed watching:

Trailer for ‘Toy Story 3 Inception’

Another TS3 mash-up from a video editor I admire on YT:

“Clash of the Toytans”

Here’s one more TS3 parody trailer:

Toy Story 3 meets The Expendables - The Mash-Up Movie Trailer

And saving the best for last, an all-star animation line-up to the audio of The Expendables! I particularly liked Russell as Jet Li! :stuck_out_tongue:

‘The Expendables’ Super Toon Mashup Trailer

On a note related to Disney, a friend of mine found this on YouTube; I find it HILARIOUS!! Especially since there is nothing to censor to begin with. :laughing:

Here’s a great Finding Nemo mash-up I found.

The Disappearance of Nemo

And I’m looking forward to the original movie, ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’. :smiley:

Haha!, this was my first post and now look at it, HAHA! I just discoverd this in the off topic area. HAHAHA!

YouTube is, IMHO, better than TV itself overall. I can’t narrow it down like that. Plus, most of the stuff I like wouldn’t be appropriate for this site (I mostly watch YouTube Poops).