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Advanced thesis writing guide and techniques for doctoral st

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Advanced thesis writing guide and techniques for doctoral st

Postby John-Heaney » Wed Sep 22, 2021 8:24 am

Your thesis is going to be the most important piece of academic writing you have written so far "essay writer". The stakes are also higher than any other piece you have ever produced. This is supposed to be the crux of your degree, representing all you have learnt along the way.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is the importance of pre-writing strategies. Often, students tend to ignore the requirements of a good-pre-writing stage. This is a stage of your thesis that will lay down the whole structure of your work. If you give it its due time and attention, it will make your work so much easier towards the end.

It is a fact that you will save a considerable amount of time and energy by starting soon enough to spend some time in planning, organizing and outlining your thesis.

Anticipate each step of your research and thesis writing along with the time that you think it will take. Then, try to predict the content that you will need to produce in each of these phases. Try to achieve clarity because at this stage, being clear about what you are going to do is the most important thing.

Plan the research that you are going to do when it comes to conducting a literature review. Give yourself a tentative time for this along with a tentative number of sources you think you will need.

Don’t be too concerned with these ideas of time and content. They are supposed to guide you. You can exceed them if need be.

Also plan the methodology you intend to follow at this point. This is also subject to change. The aim is to help you get organized and know what to expect. Starting blank is never advisable.

Anticipate the likely goals of your research, the research questions that complement these goals, and the hypothesis based on these questions.

Once you are done with this little exercise, you can start with your literature review. At first, just read anything that seems relevant to you. After going through at least five sources, you will become able to develop certain criteria of inclusion or exclusion. This is highly important because you need to be careful as you pick your sources.

Sources to be reliable and relevant. Every detail from the author to the kind of journal in which the content has been published will contribute towards making your thesis stronger because the foundation of your research will be laid down by your literature review.

Once you start to gain a pretty good idea of what your research is going to be, how you are going to introduce the topic, the ways in which you will discuss all the points that make the pats research regarding this topic clear, and you think you have a rough idea of how to discuss any new findings with respect to extant research, you are good to go. A rough idea is all you need at this point.

Move on to organizing your literature review by brainstorming all the ideas that your head must be swarming with at this point. Start off with developing a sketch and writing corresponding ideas for each category. Plan your introduction and various categories of your literature review by moving from simpler to complex ideas.

Delineate your research objectives, questions, and hypothesis clearly and concisely because these will guide your results and discussions’ section.

Make a list of all the findings that you have discovered through your study. Make sure they remain relevant to the goals of your research. You can’t stray too far away from your hypothesis. These are the points that you need to prove.

As you enlist these major findings, you can also add points to discuss these in the light of research that you have spent days reading and sorting through. Everything needs to be tied neatly together with no loose ends threatening the credibility of your content.

After this, you can proceed towards planning the way you present your conclusions, limitations, and recommendations. The conclusions are a simplified version of all the points that you have made in your discussion which are strictly related to your hypothesis. Add reasons for the hypothesis being disproved if need be.


Brainstorming can serve as a neat, precise and brief visual aid for your outline. It is not as if you can’t get your work done without taking the time to develop an outline, but it is a fact that you can perform much better if you do. Also, the level of stress you go through will be considerably low. You will not feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders because you would already have everything planned and sorted.

An outline will merely imitate all that you have already done in your mind map with the exception that now, you will go for detailed sentences in the form of concise points. Keep the structure the same as you have been doing so far "essay writing service". After you are done, you will notice that writing the actual thing will take very less time and energy now. You have done the biggest chunk of work already.

If you feel like you need more elaborate help, you can get it if you contact an online academic writing service that has the potential to connect you to professional writers who can compose the best models for you to emulate.
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Re: Advanced thesis writing guide and techniques for doctoral st

Postby Nanali » Fri Dec 24, 2021 5:16 pm

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Re: Advanced thesis writing guide and techniques for doctoral st

Postby Michael75 » Thu Mar 10, 2022 5:01 pm

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