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How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or summe

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How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or summe

Postby MikeSilver » Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:05 am

The choice of windows for a country house is a process that should be approached with all responsibility. About what subtleties and features you need to consider when choosing windows tells the specialist of the company "Window Factory" Alexander Morozov.

The easiest and cheapest option is dull windows. These windows cannot be opened, but they fulfill their main function: they allow daylight into the room. The hinged window opens completely both inward and outward - here the choice depends on your preference. The most expensive, but also the most functional option: tilt and turn windows. In this case, the window can be opened both wide open and “slightly opened” for ventilation. The swing-out option is recommended to be used in the house if you live there permanently. If you come only on weekends and mainly in the warm season, you can save money and choose windows only with a rotary mechanism.

Choose a window profile
Among the profile systems of modern tilt and turn windows, three types are most widely used: plastic, wooden and aluminum. Each type has its pros and cons. You need to choose a profile based on a combination of various factors: what weather conditions are outside (temperature, humidity, wind, noise level), what microclimate is inside the apartment.

Plastic windows
When choosing plastic windows, first of all, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the profile and the number of cameras. The thicker the profile, the better it keeps heat indoors, and the less it allows the cold to penetrate outside.

Hint: the climate in Russia is very harsh, so it is recommended to choose a profile with a thickness of at least 70 mm, multi-chamber and with additional thermal protection.

Pluses of plastic windows
Saving. Plastic windows have a lower cost than wood. In addition, modern windows take into account such a parameter as energy efficiency (they are designed to maintain indoor temperature, allowing you to save on heating or cooling).

Climate control. Modern windows have a special valve that allows ventilation, even if the window is closed. For example, the SmartBox ™ III climate control system, which automatically delivers air to the room. At the same time, sound and heat insulation properties do not change.

Specifications. Plastic windows have excellent heat and sound insulation performance. In addition, they are protected from temperature extremes and various types of damage.

Ability to choose any color. Thanks to the lamination process, you can not only make the frame colored, but also stylize it with wooden windows.

Cons of plastic windows
If, nevertheless, the soul lies in "naturalness", then it is better to choose wooden windows. And in a wooden house, plastic windows look not only inappropriate, but can also be deformed if they are installed in the first two years after construction, since the house will be subject to shrinkage at this time.

Wooden windows
Wooden windows are divided into two types: old-type windows and modern windows. The former can often be coated with cheap materials (varnish, paint). Vapors from such windows are harmful to health, and the windows themselves are blown through, need constant tinting and generally have low rates for a comfortable life.

Modern wooden windows are not made from solid pieces of wood, but from glued beams, which keeps their shape well and have excellent characteristics.

The advantages of wooden windows for a private house
First of all, it is ecological cleanliness. From wooden windows literally there is a feeling that the house is “breathing”. In addition, wood fills the house with useful properties, since useful essential oils are released from the wooden windows (with proper processing, all the useful properties of the tree are preserved).

Cons of wooden windows
The only serious drawback of wooden windows is their price, which, however, pays off due to the long service life and quality of the structure.

Aluminum profile
Aluminum structures are required for glazing large areas, for example, if you need windows to the attic, to the balcony, to the pool, greenhouse, etc. The profile can be either warm or cold depending on your needs.

a photo

Choose a double-glazed window
Modern double-glazed windows not only fulfill their main function (transmit light to the room), but can also do many other useful things.

What double-glazed windows can be useful in a country house or in the country?

Shockproof or reinforced glass
These are double-glazed windows reinforced with a special film, which is applied on top. Such glass does not crumble from impact, but only crackes. This will help to protect the house from penetration, and to protect children from spilling fragments that are securely held by the film.

Self-cleaning windows
Titanium oxides deposited on a glass surface interact with ultraviolet light and cause organic debris to decay. Its remnants are washed away in the rain.

Energy efficient double-glazed windows
Such double-glazed windows are designed to keep cool in the house in the warm season and to keep warm during cold weather. The spraying is light and invisible to the eye, but very noticeable for the budget.

Double-glazed windows with other properties: double-glazed windows, tinted double-glazed windows, glasses that improve sound insulation and many others.
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Re: How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or summe

Postby lizmcconel » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:28 pm

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Re: How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or summe

Postby Tessie » Thu Mar 05, 2020 1:58 pm

You should choose a window that is easier to clean or else you will have to hire Cleaning service Calgary. However, the harder windows always look good so it is up to you.
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Re: How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or summe

Postby markcoblin » Fri Mar 06, 2020 12:20 pm

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Re: How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or summe

Postby LillyDaplyn » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:43 am

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Re: How to choose a window for a country house, cottage or summe

Postby LillyDaplyn » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:00 pm

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