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Unfinished Animation in Published Books

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Unfinished Animation in Published Books

Postby Dinoco » Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:17 am

Going back to some of my childhood Toy Story books, some pictures struck me as odd, and I couldn't put a finger on what it was. Looking deeper into it, I realize that some pictures published in these books are unfinished! Of course, with most of these products being put out in time to promote the film, it makes sense that some scenes wouldn't be completed at this time. The changes are subtle, but it's still an interesting process; I've found three examples from three different sources. I've put the scans of the picture next to a similar scene from the finished film for comparison.

Image Image
This first one is from the Toy Story Golden Book by Betty Birney. It's actually hard to spot on its own, but the lack of lighting gave it away, as these scenes had a powerful red tone to them. Oh, and the sky isn't in place yet.

Image Image
This one is from "I Come In Peace" by Jan Carr. The pictures are extremely dark, so it was hard to make out in the first place (my scanner lightened it up considerably). Originally, the red rocket parts appeared dark green, but now, it looks like they weren't colored at all. Also, in addition to the lack of lighting, notice the lack of details (no 'Binford' logo, no milk crate text, and no tape on Buzz).

Image Image
Finally, this is from the Toy Story chapter book adaption by Cathy East Dubowski. There's a whole thread on the differences from the film and the book, which resulted from being adapted from an earlier treatment of the script. Though this picture almost blended in with the other full-color pictures from the movie, except the dead giveaway was the lack of tape on Buzz. Then, I saw that the lighting also wasn't completed.
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Re: Unfinished Animation in Published Books

Postby ObsessedWithPixar » Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:38 pm

Wow! Nice catches there! Makes me wonder how many other Pixar books have used snippets like this. The only Toy Story storybook I had was more recent than these and it used actual screencaps from the finished film. Have to look again sometime and find out more...
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Re: Unfinished Animation in Published Books

Postby shamshawwd9 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:58 am

Looking profounder into it, I get to know that some images available in these books are uncompleted! No doubt about it that most of these being put out in time to endorse the film, it makes sense that some parts wouldn't be finished at this time. We had https://easywritingservice.com/ now. The alterations are delicate, but it's still a stimulating course.
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Re: Unfinished Animation in Published Books

Postby Dral1991 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:29 am

By seeing your post I get back to my childhood. I created many animations like these pictures in my childhood. Now I am working on http://www.resumesservicesreview.com/ online service. I like to finish unfinished animations in published books. In my free time, I am doing this work.
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