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Current Status of the Toy Story Collectors

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Current Status of the Toy Story Collectors

Postby TheSpaceSheriff » Mon May 01, 2017 5:22 am

Yo, travelers.

Even though many of us have moved on with our lives following the eventual drought in Toy Story replica discussion/collecting/speculation, I'm kind of curious what most of you are up to and what are your plans with your collections?

I haven't really added anything new to my collection but I still have my toys standing on their shelf in my den.
"Falling with style", eh?
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Re: Current Status of the Toy Story Collectors

Postby ToysTory » Tue May 02, 2017 10:23 pm

I've only been a part of these boards for a short while and have only recently began collecting. I've loved Toy Story since it came out, but until about 2 years ago never had any real interest in collecting the toys. I'm pretty sure it was a picture of wampar's collection that inspired the ever living hell out of me. I have been feverishly gathering/making as many characters as possible ever since; really hoping this place makes a comeback when TS4 comes out. It'd be great to see if anyone has added anyone to theirs in the last few years. For as little time as I've been on here, I've seen/read probably most of this thread :?
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Re: Current Status of the Toy Story Collectors

Postby wampar » Sun May 07, 2017 3:21 pm

I still lurk here every once in a while. You never know when something new is going to pop up out of the blue.

My collection has had some updates since I last shared here.

I completed the cast from Toy Story of Terror some time ago...though I am soon going to update two of the characters that bother me every time I see them.

I completed Mason's non-dinosaur toys from Toy Story Time Forgot, and plan to create some Battlesaurs this summer, since my work schedule is supposed to lighten up a bit and give me more free time.

The most notable thing that has happened since I last posted here is that I got to meet Lee Unkrich on the day after my 40th birthday about a year and a half ago. He knew my collection, which was completely mind blowing to me, and we had a lovely conversation about it. He actually pulled up a picture of it on his phone to ask a couple of questions. A picture of it was on his phone at the time. Absolutely surreal. The more time passes since that day, the more I question if it actually happened or not...but I have pictures that prove it happened. Which is amazing.

This summer I am setting the goal to complete the TSoT and TSTTF casts and begin the waiting game for TS4. :)
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