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Postby theoutsider1983 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:53 pm

First off, I gotta say that I LOVE the last three Pixar films. Those are the films that made me become a Pixar fanatic, and those are the films that made me want to become an animator. I went into Toy Story 3 with high expectations because of professional reviews, and reviews by people who saw it early. But I gotta say that it fell below my expectations. I guess it has to do with the fact that I like the thinking out of the box type of films done by Pixar more. If Toy Story 3 had come out before 2007, I would have LOVED it. But I don't think it was a bad movie. The story was great. Although some stuff was a little to similar to Toy Story 2, IMO. [spoil]And Lotso's backstory didn't touch me at all, Jessie's had me in tears. Which goes back to reviews I've read. People made it seem like it was gut wretching(sp?) what Lotso went through.[/spoil] And I was expecting big things out of the last 20 minutes based upon the reviews I've read. But when it was over, I was just, like, ok. And maybe another reason why I didn't fall head over heels in love with part 3 is because Toy Story has been around since it came out. It's never gone anywhere, and I've seen the first two countless times since they've both been released. And it goes back to how I originally started this post. Pixar's last three films were fresh and amazing! And I don't think I'll ever tire of them because they represent my taste in animation more today than what it was before 2007. Again, I'm not knocking Toy Story 3, but it just doesn't wow me like Pixar's last three. I honestly hope there will be no more sequels as far as Toy Story goes. And, honestly, I'm kind of sad that their next original film will be after two more sequels. Pixar has spoiled me! But I will go see Toy Story 3 again on Sunday.
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Postby Indyfan4ever » Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:02 pm

Here is my spoiler review!


- Chris
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Postby oreo-94 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:12 pm

I'm still looking for a way to describe the film. All I can say right now is that it was amazing. I also loved the stuff in the end credits.
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Postby Bryko614 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:19 pm

Hmm. I just saw it...I have this weird feeling. It wasn't as totally knockout amazing as I expected, yet somehow it felt like the best of the series.

[spoil]- The Monkey[/spoil]
- Ken
- The very last minute
[spoil]- When Andy was with his mom in his room[/spoil]
- Lotso
[spoil]- Chuckles[/spoil]
[spoil]-The garbage dump scenes[/spoil]
[spoil]- The credits![/spoil]

Heck, I liked everything except for a couple nitpicks.
[spoil]- I didn't like how Bonnie was set up...it felt a bit obvious but that might've been from me knowing beforehand.
- The ending was pretty much ruined for me because my friends were completely cracking up at how Andy was acting with Bonnie (with the sounds)[/spoil]

My screening went fairly well. The audience reacted hugely, especially [spoil]at the confrontation against Lotso over the dumpster[/spoil]. My friends helped ruin it, though, even though it was fun with them. As I said before, [spoil]they laughed at the ending[/spoil] and one of their cell phones went off in the middle of the movie.

Overall, though, it was fantastic.
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Postby Sheriff Woody Pride » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:10 am

I thought it was really great. I'm having trouble ranking it with the other two movies, how do you guys rank the Toy Story movies?

The only thing is, my theater turned off the sound during the credits - I never heard what was being said in the little scenes in the end credits.
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Postby Elee-V » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:29 am

I adored absolutely everything about it. Everything has been said and amplified a thousand times by critics and the common viewers as well. All the characters, the clever twists and turns, the sophisticated storytelling, the amazing dialogue, the acting, all the awesome action, the humor, the heart, the emotion, the connections between the first two films, the pace of the film, the intense and suspenseful tone, the cameos [spoil]Totoro, Sid, Zurg, Buster[/spoil], the beginning sequence, every other scene after that, the climax, the ending, the credits, and overall, the amazing experience of being a live witness of Pixar making history in our days.

The film, like the first two, does have its flaws, though, IMO.
[spoiler]Not really their fault, but did anyone else feel like the beginning (right after the home videos) was a little rushed and crammed? I mean, I know they needed to lay down some information for the viewers before taking us to Sunnyside, but it just felt crammed and rushed. I mentioned that I loved the pacing of this movie, but mainly after the first third. The first third just seemed a little rushed to me (even when Woody leaves his friends and ends up with Bonnie). It's perfectly understandable, because as it is, it's the longest TS movie. I understand Pixar and congratulate them for pulling it off pretty successfully, but I just can't help like it was a little rushed. Not their fault, though, it was completely natural for something like that to occur. Pixar is just making the best movie possible.

The other thing I was disappointed about, was that Bonnie's toys don't have enough screen time, which I've noticed others have mentioned. It wasn't completely bad, though, and though their screen time isn't that much, it is nonetheless memorable and amazing.[/spoiler]

I still can't believe I saw it already. :) Oh, and Day & Night is officially my favorite Pixar short.

I want tp thank Pixar so much for allowing an unworthy person like me to experience this film. And, now, I'm off to watch it a second time. :)
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Postby UniversalPolymath » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:36 am

Toy Story 3 was simply amazing. Simply amazing. I feel like that's the extent of what I can say right now - I've found it really hard to collect all my thoughts on the film since leaving the theater, but I'll try my best.

I had extremely (impossibly) high hopes for this movie, from the second I became aware of the project. I've always regarded Toy Story and 2 my two favorite Pixar films - I couldn't even choose a favorite between them, and simply consider them two halves of the same brilliant masterpiece.

Has 3 become the final third of the same masterpiece? Does it live up to the legacy of its predecessors?

My intuition is telling me "yes". It's a hard question to answer, though. I don't think I could even begin to compare it with the two earlier films, yet - at least not in any meaningful or trustworthy way. I know the first two films so well; I've watched each countless times. I can quote long stretches of dialogue. I can summarize each movie scene-by-scene, more or less, and go on at length about all my favorite parts.

Toy Story 3 is still too fresh. I really need to let it sink in with a little time and a few more viewings before I can really make any final judgments.

But for now, all I can say is that I enjoyed the movie immensely. I sat there in the theater with a grin on my face the entire time. Even as the story wound down and I felt tears welling up in my eyes (and they definitely did), I couldn't help but smile at the beauty of it all. As Andy [spoil]thanked his toys after his final goodbye[/spoil], I felt like I was doing the same thing. Toy Story 3 was just an incredibly fun, thrilling and touching final journey with these characters, and I am so grateful for it.

Having said all that, I am a fan of nitpicking. Was there anything I didn't like? It's a short list. First off, I felt like the pacing might have been a bit off towards the start. It took a little while for the movie to settle in, after all the exposition. And then fast-forwarding to the near-end, I didn't quite like how the [spoil]incinerator scene[/spoil] was resolved. [spoil]Right on the tail of this deeply moving, intense build-up, I found "the claw" to be too convenient and too quick to truly be satisfying. It was a little too tidy for me. I thought it was a clever idea, but they could've spent a little more time (as another poster suggested, maybe it could've taken several tries to save all the characters with it?).[/spoil] In fact, [spoil]Sid showing up just when the toys needed to get home[/spoil] felt a bit too convenient as well.

That's all I can really put on the 'dislike' list for now. I feel like there were a couple other small-ish lines or moments that didn't ring true for me, but since I can't even remember them right now, they must not have mattered too much.

So in the end, Toy Story 3 proved to be a wonderfully satisfying film, and I can't wait to see it again. And again. And again. I can't wait until I'm every bit familiar with it as I am with 1 and 2.

And then, just a quick note on "Day & Night".

I didn't like it. In fact, I was really disappointed at just how much I didn't like it. I thought it was a fantastic concept, and loved everything about the idea of it. The execution, however, just wasn't there for me.

I can't even explain what I didn't like. Nor can I explain how I would do it differently. I just know it didn't do much anything for me. Wasted potential, at least in my opinion. Oh well.
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Postby Sheriff Woody Pride » Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:42 am

I don't know where else to ask this, so I'll ask it here:

[spoiler]Since Bookworm found the instruction manual for Buzz, does that mean there was another Buzz at the daycare at one point (complete with instructions)? Or does the daycare just have a collection of random toys' manuals?[/spoiler]
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Postby Kyle » Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:45 am

I'm not going to go into full detail as I'm still away from my PC, posting from my iPhone, but I loved it, they didn't dissapoint. I really have no complaints. Maybe that'll change as I digest it more, but as of now I couldn't be happier with it. I had a smile on my face for a good 10 minutes afterward. I saw it in 2D, but plan to see it in 3D in a week er so.

I'm not sure where I rank this movie yet with the other stories, let alone the rest of the Pixar films, but it fits right in for sure.
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Postby bennifer3000 » Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:12 am

My review is here:

But despite any gripes I have with the movie (which are mostly small), it's still a great movie. The characters were just as fun, and I had a great time.

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Postby wannabechef91 » Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:38 am


How in the world Pixar did it again (and again, and again every single year)? They did it with Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up just to name a few. The studio progressive achievements sure deserved an Oscar. And today, another masterpiece was made, the series which currently has the best reputation in animation industry or perhaps the film industry itself: Toy Story 3.


The title said it all. For those who grow with it, the movie & the character would be so nostalgic and unexplainable experience they ever had. Some boys just don’t get enough with hi-tech toy like Buzz Lightyear (back then, we would fight each other just for Buzz).

Believe it or not, after 15 years sinceToy Story, and 11 years after the sequel, the most anticipated movie among ‘children’ is back. It’s bigger, better and badder. Director Lee Unkrich (who also the co-director for the first sequel) really put quite a serious thought about the third installment. He really want to give a high quality movie not only for children but also adults. What can I say? He TOTALLY NAILED IT.

(Is this legit here? Me and my little bro. The guy who took the picture is also my bro.)

The story begins with [spoil]Andy’s realistic playtime moment while he was a kid while Andy’s mom capturing all the moments via handycam. As the movie progresses, we revealed - (not being so dramatic, but y’all have watch the trailer right?) – that Andy has grown up. 18, and going to college and the toys do not know what they're gonna do after Andy goes to college. Andy puts all the gang in a plastic bag (Woody is going to college with Andy), and starts to put them in the attic, somehow Andy helps Molly (Andy’s little sister) and left the toys – just like that. Andy’s mom thought it’s garbage, and off the way they go to the bin (I say, to the bin, not IN the bin). The toy got out and get into a box to Sunnyside.

I won’t spoiled it too much as it will make readers even more eager for spoilers (and more spoilers) and finally lost the fun.

The story was well written and the ALL the humor was understandable and amazingly funny. And the movie will not complete without feud between Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Pork Chop a.k.a Hamm (played by the legendary Don Rickles and I-just-love-this-guy-and-he-should-always-stay-at-Pixar-till-the-day-he-died, John Ratzenberger). Tom Hanks and Tim Allen still have their groove with their respective character and they did it again. Also to other voice actors like Joan Cusack (Jessie), Wallace Shawn (Rex) and other voice talents that live up the movie so well. Kudos to you guys. Special mention and one of my favorite actors of all time, Ned Beatty (Lotso). He did a GREAT job that I ‘feel’ his character is actually alive. It is sad that I found that Lotso is just a cuddly, friendly-looking, strawberry-smelled bear but has such [spoil]evil intentions[/spoil] at heart. :(

The movie wraps up with a sad(?)-happy ending that almost made me burst into tears. I teared. Although it’s not as tearjerking Up, it probably the most exhilarating adventure I ever had ever since I grew up with the movie. Such a lovely movie, it’s magical – not to be exaggerating, it’s OUTSTANDING. The movie sums all genre: animation (duh!), sad, love, adventures, thriller, action etc.
Thank you Lee Unkrich, thank you all the team behind this unbelievably enjoyable and awesome movie, and most of all, thank you Pixar.

5/5 :: Perfect 100%
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Postby Netbug009 » Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:45 am




This was beautifully written, tear jerking, and the funniest Toy Story if not the funniest Pixar movie in general. I was admittedly skeptic at times, but Pixar just threw the gauntlet in my face and said, "SHUT UP NOOB, OF COURSE WE CAN MAKE A TRILOGY!"

I nearly busted a gut, nearly cried, and nearly damaged my kidney (I have this habit of squeezing my right hand during tension filled scenes in movies, and it happened to be near my kidney.)

If we look at TS3 by itself... then, yeah, some gripes can be had. But it's not alone; it's the final chapter in a trilogy, and as that it's perfect. Favorite Toy Story movie for sure.

[spoil](Then again, I may be slightly bias, because I'm a Buzz/Jessie nerd and was endlessly happy that it got spotlight. Canon OTP is canon!)[/spoil]

Man, Pixar, 11 for 11.

P.S. Yes, WALL-E is still my favorite movie, though. Get used to it. :P
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Postby Dinoco » Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:03 am

Sheriff Woody Pride wrote:I don't know where else to ask this, so I'll ask it here:

[spoiler]Since Bookworm found the instruction manual for Buzz, does that mean there was another Buzz at the daycare at one point (complete with instructions)? Or does the daycare just have a collection of random toys' manuals?[/spoiler]
[spoiler]It's an oxymoron. The veterans of Sunnyside haven't seen a Buzz Lightyear before, but the only way it could've ended up there would be if the daycare had a Buzz.[/spoiler]
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Postby Flik-E » Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:05 am

After seeing Toy Story 3 I have to say that even though it had a lot to live up to, they delivered spectacularly. I actually rank this high above Toy Story 2 and even the original as being the most emotional and also in some ways the darkest film in the trilogy. Films like this, WALL-E, and Up are sheer proof now that Pixar are masters of storytelling. They just cannot make a bad movie.

This is actually the second Pixar film I've seen on opening day after The Incredibles - but it's the first one I've seen in 3D, so I guess I should talk a little bit about that. The thing I really like about how Pixar uses the 3D is how they only use it to enhance the depth and dimension of the characters in their environment and is not once used for "in-your-face" effects like most films in 3D. I like it cause even though it's not a necessity it doesn't take you away from what's going on.

I don't know if anyone has said anything on this yet, but Pixar has updated their logo to have a 3-dimensional turnaround of the letters as well as the Luxo lamp. I don't know if this is just for their 3D releases or if this is officially their new logo.

Before I get to Toy Story 3, I should review Day & Night:

I really liked this one. Just hearing the concept itself was intriguing, but seeing it in the theater was quite a sight. Personally the thing I love about it the most is how much it looks and feels like one of the classic old school cartoons (I find it somewhat reminiscent of the kind of segments Walt Disney made). Traditional hand-drawn animation has always been my most favorite medium. Ironically the first Toy Story was kind of the reason why it's died out because it gave so many other studios the idea that they needed to abandon it, and they started to jump into CGI for all the wrong reasons, but Pixar had never intended for that to happen since many people there have a strong passion for it (especially John Lasseter being a Disney animator), so all the people who complain about Pixar killing off 2D can at least see their true feelings now with this short. I also like Day & Night because they're the kind of fluid characters that cartoons need more of nowadays. There was also a very clever bit with a radio tower where you could hear someone talking about "people being afraid to try new things and sticking to the same thing" which I think says a lot about animation.

And now for Toy Story 3 (my memories going out on me as I type this, so I'll just type what I can remember offhand):

I was skeptical at first as to how the toy's [spoil]big fantasy opening and Andy's home movies would fit together,[/spoil] but they did it just right. The callbacks to the first two films was great, [spoil]with the toy's references being an exact parallel to how Andy played with them.[/spoil]

I loved Sid's cameo even though we only hear him singing to his music. As soon as he came up I told my friend next to me it was him and he was, like, "Wow, really?". Nice to have a fellow Toy Story fan to see this with. [spoil]At the end of the film, Sid also unknowingly helps Woody and the others get to Andy's house from the dump by hitching a ride on his garbage truck. In the Official Movie Magazine he was the one who straps Lotso to the front of the truck, but in the film it's a different person.[/spoil]

For some funny reason, the audience started laughing real hard the minute Chuckles the Clown came in, but not when he started telling his backstory.

Back when we were first introduced to Lotso through a cameo in Up and some Pixar employees said he was going to be the villain we probably didn't know what to think, but they seriously weren't kidding. Although you feel kinda bad for Lotso - [spoil]he's just downright evil, saying that the toys were nothing more than trash.[/spoil] The most shocking moment (which I was already expecting cause of the Official Movie Magazine) was probably when [spoil]Woody and Buzz save him from being shredded at the dump and just when you think it would be a moment of redemption for him to shut off the incinerator, Lotso basically just throws it back into their faces saying, "Where's your kid now?" and leaves them to die. It shows just how heartless he had really become.[/spoil] I'm starting to feel that Lotso may in fact be Pixar's most evil antagonist ever. And to think that this is a cute cuddly pink bear we're talking about here.

I was close to crying at the end while I was watching [spoil]Andy give his toys to Bonnie. The way he chuckled at seeing her play with her toys the way he used to, and how he introduced his toys to her made it clear that Andy was still a kid at heart. [/spoil]Another interesting thing is [spoil]the way he says "Thanks, guys" before he leaves, almost like he knew they were alive (or like they were always alive to him by the way he played with them).[/spoil]

I loved the ending montage in the credits as well, [spoil]especially for seeing that Emperor Zurg got sent to Sunnyside. Rex and Trixie got a nice moment together, which I was hoping to see at some point, and the Army Men are apparently okay as well.[/spoil] They may not be outtakes, but I wouldn't care that much cause I think this is more suitable for the film (and it ends at a point in the credits where there wouldn't be room for outtakes anyway).

Overall, Toy Story 3 is another masterpiece from Pixar and I would say the perfect sendoff for the series. I am so glad I got to see it. Lee Unkrich should be very proud that his directorial debut turned out so well.

EDIT- I've added some extra spoilers at specific comments you've made concerning the end of Toy Story 3 as well as other sections. Please be aware that some people really don't want to know anything about what happens in the film before they see it! Thanks.

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Postby Dinoco » Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:20 am

Flik-E wrote:[spoil]In the Official Movie Magazine he was the one who straps Lotso to the front of the truck, but in the film it's a different person.[/spoil]
It's kinda obvious why they changed that one.
Sid's cameo was done perfectly. A diehard fan of the first would know it was him, but it would still go over the heads of the casual fans. Either way, the audience was roaring at his singing (I loved his drumming skills). The best part about it was that he wasn't just there to be there, he actually had a purpose.
On the topic of Lotso: [spoil]He's definitely different than Stinky Pete. They both had tragic backstories, and manipulated toys to get what he wants, but Pete's intentions were good, whereas Lotso was out for revenge. I almost liked Lotso when he was given the chance to redeem himself, but it was surprisingly evil that he turned his back on them once again. Even the Prospector expectedly would have paid back the favor. Still, Combat Carl is the only case where a character in Toy Story was killed off, though Lotso paid the price in a much more creative way...[/spoil]

And do you have a scan of Sid from that magazine?
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